Other Words for Provocative

Provocative Adjective Synonyms: inviting, alluring, tempting, charming, tantalizing, teasing, intriguing, fascinating, seductive, stimulating, voluptuous, sensual, sensuous, suggestive, erotic, arousing, exciting, entrancing, irresistible, bewitching, sexy

Other Words for Provoke

Provoke Noun Synonyms: stir (up), stimulate, move, motivate, push, impel, drive, get, spur (on), egg on, goad, force, compel, prompt, rouse, arouse, waken, awaken, enliven, animate, activate, induce, encourage
Provoke Adjective Synonyms: start, incite, instigate, produce, promote, foment, kindle, work up

Other Words for Prowess

Prowess Verb Synonyms: ability, skill, skillfulness, aptitude, adroitness, dexterity, dexterousness, adeptness, facility, finesse, expertise, mastery, genius, talent, know-how, ingenuity, capability, proficiency

Other Words for Prowl

Prowl Verb Synonyms: lurk, sneak, skulk, steal, slink
Prowl Noun Synonyms: scour, scavenge, range over, rove, roam, patrol, cruise, cover

Other Words for Proximity

Proximity Verb Synonyms: nearness, closeness, adjacency, neighborhood, vicinity, vicinage, contiguity, contiguousness, propinquity

Other Words for Proxy

Proxy Verb Synonyms: substitute, agent, delegate, surrogate, representative, factor

Other Words for Prude

Prude Noun Synonyms: prig, puritan, Mrs. Grundy, goody-goody, bluenose

Other Words for Prudence

Prudence Noun Synonyms: discretion, wisdom, sagacity, judgment, discrimination, common sense, canniness, presence of mind, awareness, wariness, care, tact, carefulness, caution, cautiousness, circumspection, watchfulness, vigilance, heedfulness

Other Words for Prudent

Prudent Noun Synonyms: careful, cautious, discreet, discerning, wise, sage, sagacious, politic, judicious, discriminating, sensible, reasonable, canny, shrewd, cautious, circumspect, watchful, vigilant, heedful, wary, attentive, alert, guarded

Other Words for Prudery

Prudery Noun Synonyms: prudishness, priggishness, puritanicalness, puritanism, squeamishness, Grundyism, primness, stuffiness, old-maidishness, precisianism

Other Words for Prudish

Prudish Adjective Synonyms: priggish, puritanical, old-maidish, prissy, prim, fussy, squeamish, strait-laced, stiff, rigid, over-nice, over-modest, over-coy, proper, demure, decorous, formal

Other Words for Prune

Prune Adjective Synonyms: clip, cut back, lop, dock, pare (down), trim

Other Words for Prurient

Prurient Adjective Synonyms: dirty, lewd, filthy, pornographic, smutty, obscene, foul, scurrilous, vile, indecent, gross, lurid, blue, bawdy, ribald, titillating, suggestive, coarse, vulgar, low, crude, Fescennine
Prurient Noun Synonyms: libidinous, lecherous, lascivious, lewd, lubricious or lubricous, salacious, lustful, concupiscent, licentious, carnal, debauched, rakehell, sensual, randy, voluptuous, loose, goatish, ruttish, Cyprian, Paphian, lickerish or liquorish

Other Words for Pry

Pry Verb Synonyms: investigate, ferret about, examine, peer, peek, be inquisitive, inquire or enquire
Pry Adjective Synonyms: intrude, meddle, interfere, poke or stick one's nose in or into, snoop, be nosy, nose about or around, poke about or around

Other Words for Pseudonym

Pseudonym Adjective Synonyms: nom de plume, nom de guerre, alias, pen-name, stage name, incognito

Other Words for Psyche

Psyche Verb Synonyms: soul, spirit, mind, ‚lan vital, divine spark, life-force, anima, self, subconscious, unconscious, personality, (essential) nature, inner man or woman or person, Philosophy pneuma

Other Words for Psychic

Psychic Verb Synonyms: psychical, mental, spiritual, psychologic(al), subjective, psychogenic, cognitive, metaphysic(al), intellectual, cerebral, philosophic(al)
Psychic Noun Synonyms: psychical, extrasensory, supernatural, occult, magical, telepathic, telekinetic, preternatural, spiritualistic, unearthly, extramundane, supermundane

Other Words for Psychological

Psychological Adjective Synonyms: mental, intellectual, cerebral, cognitive, psychic(al), spiritual, subjective, subconscious, unconscious, subliminal, psychogenic, philosophic(al)

Other Words for Psychology

Psychology Adjective Synonyms: (mental) make-up, constitution, attitude, behavior, thought processes, thinking, psyche, nature, feeling(s), emotion(s), rationale, reasoning

Other Words for Psychotic

Psychotic Noun Synonyms: mad, insane, psychopathic, deranged, demented, lunatic, paranoiac or paranoid, abnormal, unbalanced, (mentally) ill or sick, disturbed, non compos mentis, of unsound mind, exceptional, certifiable, daft, unhinged, raving, crazy, nuts, nutty
Psychotic Adjective Synonyms: madman, madwoman, maniac, psychopath, lunatic, paranoid or paranoiac, schizophrenic, bedlamite, nut, nutter, screwball, crackpot, crazy, loony or looney or luny, schizo, kook

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