Other Words for Provocative

Provocative Adjective Synonyms: inviting, alluring, tempting, charming, tantalizing, teasing, intriguing, fascinating, seductive, stimulating, voluptuous, sensual, sensuous, suggestive, erotic, arousing, exciting, entrancing, irresistible, bewitching, sexy

Other Words for Provoke

Provoke Adjective Synonyms: start, incite, instigate, produce, promote, foment, kindle, work up
Provoke Noun Synonyms: stir (up), stimulate, move, motivate, push, impel, drive, get, spur (on), egg on, goad, force, compel, prompt, rouse, arouse, waken, awaken, enliven, animate, activate, induce, encourage

Other Words for Prowess

Prowess Verb Synonyms: ability, skill, skillfulness, aptitude, adroitness, dexterity, dexterousness, adeptness, facility, finesse, expertise, mastery, genius, talent, know-how, ingenuity, capability, proficiency

Other Words for Prowl

Prowl Verb Synonyms: lurk, sneak, skulk, steal, slink
Prowl Noun Synonyms: scour, scavenge, range over, rove, roam, patrol, cruise, cover

Other Words for Proximity

Proximity Verb Synonyms: nearness, closeness, adjacency, neighborhood, vicinity, vicinage, contiguity, contiguousness, propinquity

Other Words for Proxy

Proxy Verb Synonyms: substitute, agent, delegate, surrogate, representative, factor

Other Words for Prude

Prude Noun Synonyms: prig, puritan, Mrs. Grundy, goody-goody, bluenose

Other Words for Prudence

Prudence Noun Synonyms: discretion, wisdom, sagacity, judgment, discrimination, common sense, canniness, presence of mind, awareness, wariness, care, tact, carefulness, caution, cautiousness, circumspection, watchfulness, vigilance, heedfulness

Other Words for Prudent

Prudent Noun Synonyms: careful, cautious, discreet, discerning, wise, sage, sagacious, politic, judicious, discriminating, sensible, reasonable, canny, shrewd, cautious, circumspect, watchful, vigilant, heedful, wary, attentive, alert, guarded

Other Words for Prudery

Prudery Noun Synonyms: prudishness, priggishness, puritanicalness, puritanism, squeamishness, Grundyism, primness, stuffiness, old-maidishness, precisianism

Other Words for Prudish

Prudish Adjective Synonyms: priggish, puritanical, old-maidish, prissy, prim, fussy, squeamish, strait-laced, stiff, rigid, over-nice, over-modest, over-coy, proper, demure, decorous, formal

Other Words for Prune

Prune Adjective Synonyms: clip, cut back, lop, dock, pare (down), trim

Other Words for Prurient

Prurient Noun Synonyms: libidinous, lecherous, lascivious, lewd, lubricious or lubricous, salacious, lustful, concupiscent, licentious, carnal, debauched, rakehell, sensual, randy, voluptuous, loose, goatish, ruttish, Cyprian, Paphian, lickerish or liquorish
Prurient Adjective Synonyms: dirty, lewd, filthy, pornographic, smutty, obscene, foul, scurrilous, vile, indecent, gross, lurid, blue, bawdy, ribald, titillating, suggestive, coarse, vulgar, low, crude, Fescennine

Other Words for Pry

Pry Verb Synonyms: investigate, ferret about, examine, peer, peek, be inquisitive, inquire or enquire
Pry Adjective Synonyms: intrude, meddle, interfere, poke or stick one's nose in or into, snoop, be nosy, nose about or around, poke about or around

Other Words for Pseudonym

Pseudonym Adjective Synonyms: nom de plume, nom de guerre, alias, pen-name, stage name, incognito

Other Words for Psyche

Psyche Verb Synonyms: soul, spirit, mind, ‚lan vital, divine spark, life-force, anima, self, subconscious, unconscious, personality, (essential) nature, inner man or woman or person, Philosophy pneuma

Other Words for Psychic

Psychic Verb Synonyms: psychical, mental, spiritual, psychologic(al), subjective, psychogenic, cognitive, metaphysic(al), intellectual, cerebral, philosophic(al)
Psychic Noun Synonyms: psychical, extrasensory, supernatural, occult, magical, telepathic, telekinetic, preternatural, spiritualistic, unearthly, extramundane, supermundane

Other Words for Psychological

Psychological Adjective Synonyms: mental, intellectual, cerebral, cognitive, psychic(al), spiritual, subjective, subconscious, unconscious, subliminal, psychogenic, philosophic(al)

Other Words for Psychology

Psychology Adjective Synonyms: (mental) make-up, constitution, attitude, behavior, thought processes, thinking, psyche, nature, feeling(s), emotion(s), rationale, reasoning

Other Words for Psychotic

Psychotic Adjective Synonyms: madman, madwoman, maniac, psychopath, lunatic, paranoid or paranoiac, schizophrenic, bedlamite, nut, nutter, screwball, crackpot, crazy, loony or looney or luny, schizo, kook
Psychotic Noun Synonyms: mad, insane, psychopathic, deranged, demented, lunatic, paranoiac or paranoid, abnormal, unbalanced, (mentally) ill or sick, disturbed, non compos mentis, of unsound mind, exceptional, certifiable, daft, unhinged, raving, crazy, nuts, nutty

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