Other Words for Parley

Parley Noun Synonyms: confer, discuss, palaver, deliberate, talk (over), negotiate, deal, huddle
Parley Verb Synonyms: conference, discussion, dialogue, palaver, deliberation, meeting, colloquy, colloquium, confabulation, powwow, talk(s), huddle, confab

Other Words for Parliament

Parliament Noun Synonyms: legislature, council, congress, diet, council, assembly, Upper and Lower House or chamber

Other Words for Parliamentary

Parliamentary Verb Synonyms: formal, ordered, orderly, procedural, conforming, conformist, according to Roberts Rules of Order

Other Words for Parlor

Parlor Noun Synonyms: living-room, drawing-room, sitting-room, reception (room), lounge

Other Words for Parlous

Parlous Adjective Synonyms: perilous, risky, precarious, uncertain, dangerous, hazardous, difficult, ticklish, awkward, chancy, iffy, hairy

Other Words for Parochial

Parochial Noun Synonyms: regional, provincial, narrow, local, insular, isolated, limited, restricted, narrow-minded, petty, short-sighted, hidebound, conservative, conventional, illiberal, bigoted, prejudiced, intolerant, one-sided, partial, biased, stubborn, opinionated

Other Words for Parody

Parody Adjective Synonyms: burlesque, lampoon, satire, caricature, mockery, mimicry, take-off, spoof, send-up
Parody Noun Synonyms: burlesque, lampoon, satirize, caricature, mock, mimic, ape, ridicule, deride, laugh at, poke fun at, guy, scoff at, sneer at, rib, tease, twit, roast, pillory, make a laughing-stock (of), make sport of, make fun of, make a monkey (out) of, fleer

Other Words for Paroxysm

Paroxysm Noun Synonyms: fit, convulsion, spasm, throe, seizure, spell, outburst, eruption, explosion, flare-up

Other Words for Parrot

Parrot Verb Synonyms: imitator, mimic, copycat
Parrot Noun Synonyms: imitate, mimic, ape, copy, echo, repeat, reiterate

Other Words for Part

Part Noun Synonyms: piece, portion, division, allotment, share, percentage, participation, interest, parcel, fragment, scrap, shard, some
Part Verb Synonyms: portion, component, factor, constituent, element, ingredient

Other Words for Part With

Part With Verb Synonyms: give up, yield, relinquish, release, sacrifice, forgo, renounce, forsake, let go, surrender

Other Words for Partake In

Partake In Verb Synonyms: share (in), participate (in), take (a) part (in), enter (in or into)

Other Words for Partake Of

Partake Of Adjective Synonyms: receive, get, have a share or portion or part (of), share

Other Words for Partial

Partial Verb Synonyms: incomplete, fragmentary, not total or whole, imperfect

Other Words for Partial To

Partial To Adjective Synonyms: in favour of, predisposed to, fond of, having a soft spot or weakness for, having a liking or taste or predilection for, having a fondness for, feeling an attraction or affinity to or toward(s), finding enjoyment in

Other Words for Partiality

Partiality Adjective Synonyms: prejudice, bias, inclination, favouritism, predilection, predisposition, leaning, preference

Other Words for Partially

Partially Noun Synonyms: partly, in part, to some extent or degree, to a limited or a certain extent or degree, not totally or wholly or entirely, restrictedly, incompletely, in some measure, relatively, comparatively, moderately, (up) to a (given or certain) point, somewhat

Other Words for Participant

Participant Noun Synonyms: participator, partaker, sharer, party, contributor, prime mover
Participant Adverb Synonyms: participating, partaking, sharing

Other Words for Participate

Participate Noun Synonyms: take part (in), share (in), partake (in or of), join (in), engage (in), get or become involved (in), be or become associated (with), enter (in or into), contribute (to)

Other Words for Particle

Particle Adjective Synonyms: atom, molecule, scintilla, spark, mote, suggestion, hint, suspicion, gleam, bit, crumb, jot, tittle, whit, mite, speck, dot, spot, iota, grain, morsel, shred, sliver, scrap, smidgen or smidgin

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