Other Words for Pull Down

Pull Down Verb Synonyms: demolish, raze, level, destroy, wreck

Other Words for Pull For

Pull For Verb Synonyms: hope or pray for, be enthusiastic for, be supportive of, support, campaign for, cheer for, encourage, boost, root for

Other Words for Pull In

Pull In Verb Synonyms: attract, draw, lure, entice, allure, catch, captivate, fascinate, capture

Other Words for Pull Off

Pull Off Verb Synonyms: detach, rip or tear off, separate, wrench off or away

Other Words for Pull Out

Pull Out Adjective Synonyms: pluck (out), withdraw, extract, uproot, pick (up or out), snatch out or up, tear or rip out or up, cull, select, draw out, take out, remove
Pull Out Verb Synonyms: uproot, extract, withdraw

Other Words for Pull Someones Leg

Pull Someones Leg Noun Synonyms: tease, mock, jeer at, taunt, gibe, make fun of, chaff, guy, fool, deceive, twit, rib, kid, rag
Pull Someones Leg Verb Synonyms: tease, chaff, rib, have on, rag, twit, poke fun at, make fun of, hoodwink, ridicule

Other Words for Pull Strings

Pull Strings Verb Synonyms: use influence or connections,e pull, pull wires
Pull Strings Adjective Synonyms: use or exert influence, throw one's weight around

Other Words for Pull The Strings

Pull The Strings Noun Synonyms: be in control, control, run, operate, dominate, be in command, be in the driver's seat, hold the reins, manipulate

Other Words for Pull Through

Pull Through Verb Synonyms: survive, recover, improve, get better, get over (it or some affliction), rally, live

Other Words for Pull Together

Pull Together Verb Synonyms: recover, get a grip on oneself, get over it, recuperate, snap out of it, buck up

Other Words for Pull Up

Pull Up Verb Synonyms: stop, halt, come to a standstill

Other Words for Pull Up Stakes

Pull Up Stakes Noun Synonyms: move (house), resettle, move on, migrate, emigrate, leave, depart

Other Words for Pulley

Pulley Noun Synonyms: sheave, block

Other Words for Pulp

Pulp Noun Synonyms: marrow, pith, heart, soft part, flesh

Other Words for Pulsate

Pulsate Noun Synonyms: beat, pulse, throb, pound, thrum, drum, thump, thud, reverberate, hammer, palpitate, vibrate, oscillate, quiver

Other Words for Pulse

Pulse Verb Synonyms: beat, beating, throb, throbbing, pulsing, pulsating, pulsation, pounding, thrumming, drumming, thumping, thudding, reverberation, reverberating, hammering, palpitation, palpitating, vibration, vibrating

Other Words for Pulverize

Pulverize Verb Synonyms: devastate, destroy, demolish, crush, smash, shatter, ruin, wreck, annihilate
Pulverize Adjective Synonyms: powder, comminute, grind, crush, mill, granulate, crumble, break up, bray, pound, triturate, levigate

Other Words for Pump

Pump Verb Synonyms: interrogate, question, examine, cross-examine, quiz, probe, grill, give (someone) the third degree
Pump Noun Synonyms: send, force, deliver, push

Other Words for Pump Out

Pump Out Verb Synonyms: pump dry or empty, empty, drain, bail out, draw or drive or force out, siphon (out)

Other Words for Pump Up

Pump Up Verb Synonyms: inflate, blow up, dilate, swell, bloat, expand, puff out or up

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