Other Words for Pull Down

Pull Down Verb Synonyms: demolish, raze, level, destroy, wreck

Other Words for Pull For

Pull For Verb Synonyms: hope or pray for, be enthusiastic for, be supportive of, support, campaign for, cheer for, encourage, boost, root for

Other Words for Pull In

Pull In Verb Synonyms: attract, draw, lure, entice, allure, catch, captivate, fascinate, capture

Other Words for Pull Off

Pull Off Verb Synonyms: detach, rip or tear off, separate, wrench off or away

Other Words for Pull Out

Pull Out Verb Synonyms: uproot, extract, withdraw
Pull Out Adjective Synonyms: pluck (out), withdraw, extract, uproot, pick (up or out), snatch out or up, tear or rip out or up, cull, select, draw out, take out, remove

Other Words for Pull Someones Leg

Pull Someones Leg Verb Synonyms: tease, chaff, rib, have on, rag, twit, poke fun at, make fun of, hoodwink, ridicule
Pull Someones Leg Noun Synonyms: tease, mock, jeer at, taunt, gibe, make fun of, chaff, guy, fool, deceive, twit, rib, kid, rag

Other Words for Pull Strings

Pull Strings Adjective Synonyms: use or exert influence, throw one's weight around
Pull Strings Verb Synonyms: use influence or connections,e pull, pull wires

Other Words for Pull The Strings

Pull The Strings Noun Synonyms: be in control, control, run, operate, dominate, be in command, be in the driver's seat, hold the reins, manipulate

Other Words for Pull Through

Pull Through Verb Synonyms: survive, recover, improve, get better, get over (it or some affliction), rally, live

Other Words for Pull Together

Pull Together Verb Synonyms: recover, get a grip on oneself, get over it, recuperate, snap out of it, buck up

Other Words for Pull Up

Pull Up Verb Synonyms: stop, halt, come to a standstill

Other Words for Pull Up Stakes

Pull Up Stakes Noun Synonyms: move (house), resettle, move on, migrate, emigrate, leave, depart

Other Words for Pulley

Pulley Noun Synonyms: sheave, block

Other Words for Pulp

Pulp Noun Synonyms: marrow, pith, heart, soft part, flesh

Other Words for Pulsate

Pulsate Noun Synonyms: beat, pulse, throb, pound, thrum, drum, thump, thud, reverberate, hammer, palpitate, vibrate, oscillate, quiver

Other Words for Pulse

Pulse Verb Synonyms: beat, beating, throb, throbbing, pulsing, pulsating, pulsation, pounding, thrumming, drumming, thumping, thudding, reverberation, reverberating, hammering, palpitation, palpitating, vibration, vibrating

Other Words for Pulverize

Pulverize Adjective Synonyms: powder, comminute, grind, crush, mill, granulate, crumble, break up, bray, pound, triturate, levigate
Pulverize Verb Synonyms: devastate, destroy, demolish, crush, smash, shatter, ruin, wreck, annihilate

Other Words for Pump

Pump Verb Synonyms: interrogate, question, examine, cross-examine, quiz, probe, grill, give (someone) the third degree
Pump Noun Synonyms: send, force, deliver, push

Other Words for Pump Out

Pump Out Verb Synonyms: pump dry or empty, empty, drain, bail out, draw or drive or force out, siphon (out)

Other Words for Pump Up

Pump Up Verb Synonyms: inflate, blow up, dilate, swell, bloat, expand, puff out or up

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