Other Words for Pun

Pun Verb Synonyms: play on words, quip, (bon) mot, witticism, double entendre, equivoque, paronomasia

Other Words for Punch

Punch Verb Synonyms: hit, clip, jab, whack, thwack, knock, smack, box, pummel, strike, cuff, clout, bop, slug, wallop, thump, lambaste, slam, sock, biff, plug, belt, lace (into), paste
Punch Noun Synonyms: effect, impact, effectiveness, force, forcefulness, power, vitality, gusto, vigor, life, vim, zest, ginger, it, oomph, what it takes, zing, zip

Other Words for Punctual

Punctual Noun Synonyms: on time, timely, prompt, on the dot

Other Words for Punctuate

Punctuate Verb Synonyms: accent, accentuate, underline, underscore, emphasize, stress, mark
Punctuate Noun Synonyms: interrupt, break, intersperse, pepper, sprinkle

Other Words for Puncture

Puncture Noun Synonyms: deflate, disillusion, bring up short, discourage, humble, dash, destroy, ruin
Puncture Verb Synonyms: perforation, perforating, holing, puncturing, piercing, stabbing, punching
Puncture Adjective Synonyms: hole, perforation, opening, leak, flat (tire)

Other Words for Pungent

Pungent Noun Synonyms: spicy, hot, sharp, strong, penetrating, aromatic, seasoned, peppery, piquant, tangy, flavourful, tasty, sapid
Pungent Verb Synonyms: sharp, biting, stinging, caustic, severe, astringent, stern, acrid, harsh, sour, acid, tart, acrimonious, bitter, cutting, keen, barbed, trenchant, scathing, incisive, mordant, sarcastic

Other Words for Punish

Punish Adjective Synonyms: penalize, chastise, castigate, discipline, chasten, scold, rebuke, take to task, reprove, dress down, admonish, correct, teach someone a lesson, give a lesson to, throw the book at, rap (someone's) knuckles, slap (someone's) wrist

Other Words for Punishing

Punishing Verb Synonyms: grueling, hard, arduous, strenuous, laborious, exhausting, tiring, wearying, fatiguing, wearing, taxing, demanding, burdensome, back-breaking, torturous

Other Words for Punishment

Punishment Adjective Synonyms: injury, harm, damage, abuse, maltreatment, mauling, beating, thrashing, trouncing, manhandling, battering, torture
Punishment Verb Synonyms: chastisement, chastising, castigation, castigating, discipline, disciplining, chastening, scolding, rebuke, reproof, dressing-down, admonishment, admonition, correction, punitive measures

Other Words for Punitive

Punitive Noun Synonyms: chastening, castigatory, disciplinary, retributive, punitory, retaliatory, correctional

Other Words for Punk

Punk Noun Synonyms: ruffian, hoodlum, hooligan, delinquent, tough, thug, vandal, yahoo, barbarian, goon, mug

Other Words for Punt

Punt Noun Synonyms: bet, wager, stake, gamble
Punt Adjective Synonyms: bet, wager, stake, gamble, speculate, lay a bet or stake or wager

Other Words for Punter

Punter Verb Synonyms: fellow, chap, person, individual, man or woman in the street, customer, client, buyer, guy, bloke, geezer
Punter Adjective Synonyms: better or also bettor, gambler, gamester, player, speculator, backer, wagerer, punt, crap-shooter

Other Words for Puny

Puny Noun Synonyms: small, little, insignificant, petty, unimportant, inconsequential, paltry, trivial, trifling, minor, negligible, nugatory, of little or no account, inferior, worthless,eless, piddling, not much cop

Other Words for Pup

Pup Adjective Synonyms: puppy, whelp, upstart, whippersnapper, popinjay, cub, jackanapes, show-off, braggart

Other Words for Pupil

Pupil Adjective Synonyms: student, learner, scholar, schoolchild, schoolgirl, schoolboy, disciple, apprentice, beginner, novice, neophyte, tiro or tyro, ecclesiastical catechumen

Other Words for Puppet

Puppet Adjective Synonyms: hand puppet, finger-puppet, glove puppet, doll, marionette, string puppet
Puppet Noun Synonyms: figurehead, cat's-paw, pawn, dupe, tool, hireling, yes-man front (man), stooge, sucker, patsy

Other Words for Purchase

Purchase Verb Synonyms: buy, acquisition
Purchase Noun Synonyms: buy, acquire, procure, obtain, get, secure, pay for

Other Words for Pure

Pure Noun Synonyms: unmixed, unadulterated, unalloyed, simon-pure, 24-carat or also 24-karat, sterling, solid, real, genuine, authentic, flawless, faultless, perfect, natural, true, simple
Pure Adjective Synonyms: theoretical, hypothetical, conjectural, speculative, abstract, conceptual, notional, philosophical, academic(al)

Other Words for Pure-Bred

Pure-Bred Adjective Synonyms: full-blooded, thoroughbred, pedigreed

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