Other Words for Purgative

Purgative Adjective Synonyms: laxative, cathartic, aperient, purge, physic, depurative

Other Words for Purge

Purge Noun Synonyms: eject, eradicate, expel, eliminate, get rid of, dismiss, clear out or away, sweep away or out, oust, remove, rout out, weed out, root out, do away with, exterminate, liquidate, kill, destroy
Purge Adjective Synonyms: cleanse, purify, clean (out), clear, scour (out), depurate, deterge, wash (out)
Purge Verb Synonyms: ejection, eradication, expulsion, elimination, dismissal, clearing out or away, ousting, ouster, removal, routing out, weeding out, rooting out, unseating, defenestration, extermination, liquidation, killing, murder, slaughter

Other Words for Purify

Purify Verb Synonyms: cleanse, clean, clarify, wash, sanitize, depurate, decontaminate, freshen, disinfect, fumigate

Other Words for Purist

Purist Noun Synonyms: pedant, precisian, formalist, stickler, blue-stocking, dogmatist, Pharisee, fanatic, die-hard, stuffed shirt

Other Words for Puritan

Puritan Verb Synonyms: moralist, pietist, religionist, fanatic, zealot, purist

Other Words for Purity

Purity Noun Synonyms: pureness, faultlessness, correctness, flawlessness, perfection, spotlessness, cleanness, cleanliness, clarity, healthfulness, wholesomeness, salubrity, innocuousness, harmlessness

Other Words for Purpose

Purpose Noun Synonyms: resolution, firmness, determination, persistence, drive, single-mindedness, deliberation, deliberateness, purposefulness, steadfastness, tenacity, doggedness, will, resolve, resoluteness, perseverance, stubbornness
Purpose Adjective Synonyms: object, intention, intent, end, goal, ambition, objective, target, aim, principle, point, rationale, reason, scheme, plan, design, motive, motivation, view

Other Words for Purposeful

Purposeful Noun Synonyms: intentional, intended, planned, deliberate, resolved, settled, determined, resolute, decided, confirmed, affirmed, sure, certain, positive, definite, staunch, steadfast, persistent, strong-willed, dogged, tenacious, pertinacious, unfailing, unfaltering

Other Words for Purposeless

Purposeless Noun Synonyms: pointless, bootless, meaningless, empty, vacuous, senseless, aimless, rambling, discursive, wandering, disorganized, unorganized

Other Words for Purse

Purse Noun Synonyms: pucker (up), contract, wrinkle, compress, press together
Purse Adjective Synonyms: money, wealth, resources, funds, finances, exchequer, treasury, capital, revenue, income, means, cash, riches, pounds, shillings, pence, L.S.D., dollars, shekels, Mammon, pelf, (filthy) lucre, almighty dollar, ready or readies
Purse Verb Synonyms: pouch, (money-)bag, wallet, pocket, poke, Highland dress sporran, (woman's) handbag, pocketbook, bag

Other Words for Pursue

Pursue Verb Synonyms: aspire to, aim for, work for or toward(s), try or strive for, purpose, seek, search for, go in search of, quest after or for, be intent on, be bent upon or on
Pursue Noun Synonyms: follow, chase, go or run after, hunt (after or down or for or up), trace, trail, track, run down, take off after, dog, stalk, shadow, chivvy or chivy or chevy, tail

Other Words for Pursuit

Pursuit Verb Synonyms: pursuing, chasing, following, hunting, hunt, going or running after, tracing, trailing, tracking, running down, dogging, stalking, shadowing, chivvy or chivy or chevy, tailing

Other Words for Push

Push Noun Synonyms: thrust, shove, drive, move, set in motion, get moving, propel, press
Push Verb Synonyms: urge, encourage, press, induce, ask, persuade, get, egg on, press, prod, spur, goad, rouse, prompt, incite, move, motivate, stimulate, influence, impel, make, compel, force, dragoon, coerce, constrain, badger, hound, pester, harass, plague, nag, browbeat

Other Words for Push Around

Push Around Verb Synonyms: intimidate, bully, cow, domineer, tyrannize, bullyrag, torment, force, coerce

Other Words for Push Away

Push Away Verb Synonyms: reject, deny, brush off or aside, give (someone) the cold shoulder, rebuff, distance oneself from

Other Words for Push Off

Push Off Verb Synonyms: shove off, sail away or off

Other Words for Push On

Push On Verb Synonyms: move onwards or onward or ahead or forward, continue, proceed, advance, press on or onwards or onward

Other Words for Push Through

Push Through Verb Synonyms: force, press, railroad

Other Words for Push Up Daisies

Push Up Daisies Verb Synonyms: be dead (and buried), be six feet under

Other Words for Pushover

Pushover Noun Synonyms: sure thing, piece of cake, child's play, snap, cinch, picnic, walk-over, breeze, cinch, doddle, lead-pipe cinch

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