Other Words for Passable

Passable Noun Synonyms: satisfactory, acceptable, tolerable, all right, adequate, admissible, allowable, presentable, average, fair (enough), fair to middling, fairly good, middling, not bad, unexceptional, sufficient, indifferent, OK, okay, so so

Other Words for Passage

Passage Adjective Synonyms: movement, moving, going, transition, transit, traversal, traverse, progress, crossing, passing

Other Words for Passe

Passe Verb Synonyms: old-fashioned, unfashionable, dated, out of date, behind the times, outmoded, obsolete, obsolescent, antiquated, archaic, d‚mod‚, quaint, antique, superseded, out, not or no longer in, old hat, back number

Other Words for Passenger

Passenger Verb Synonyms: rider, fare, traveler, voyager, commuter

Other Words for Passing

Passing Noun Synonyms: hasty, superficial, cursory, casual, quick, fleeting, brief, summary, abrupt, dismissive, glancing
Passing Adjective Synonyms: disappearing, vanishing, ephemeral, brief, going, fading (away), slipping away, short-lived, expiring, transient, transitory, temporary, momentary, fleeting, transitional, impermanent

Other Words for Passion

Passion Noun Synonyms: fit, outburst, frenzy, paroxysm, seizure, spasm, convulsion, eruption, whirlwind, tempest, storm, ferment, fury, furore or furor

Other Words for Passionate

Passionate Noun Synonyms: ardent, eager, intense, fervid, zealous, avid, eager, earnest, zestful, feverish, fanatic(al), vehement, impassioned, emotional, animated, spirited, enthusiastic, vigorous, invigorated, energetic
Passionate Adjective Synonyms: quick-tempered, irascible, hotheaded, fiery, testy, huffy or huffish, peevish, cranky, peppery, choleric, touchy, bilious, snappish, volatile, cross, temperamental, irritable, quarrelsome, pugnacious, argumentative, contentious, belligerent, atrabili

Other Words for Passions

Passions Adjective Synonyms: ardor, ardency, eagerness, intensity, fervor, fervency, fervidness, zeal, zealousness, avidity, avidness, zest, zestfulness, vivacity, vivaciousness, gusto, verve, emotion, feeling, animation, spirit, spiritedness, vigor, enthusiasm

Other Words for Passive

Passive Adjective Synonyms: inactive, non-aggressive, inert, motionless, unresponsive, quiet, calm, tranquil, serene, placid, still, idle, unmoving, unmoved, impassive, untouched, cool, indifferent, phlegmatic, uninterested, uninvolved, dispassionate, apathetic, lifeless, listless

Other Words for Password

Password Adjective Synonyms: watchword, shibboleth, open sesame, countersign

Other Words for Past

Past Noun Synonyms: late, former, one-time, sometime, previous, prior, erstwhile, quondam, whilom, last, recent
Past Adjective Synonyms: over, done, finished, (over and) done with, gone (and forgotten), dead (and buried or gone), defunct
Past Adverb Synonyms: history, background, life, lifetime, existence, career, lifestyle, biography

Other Words for Pastiche

Pastiche Noun Synonyms: mixture, medley, blend, compound, composite, patchwork, olla podrida, pot-pourri, motley, miscellany, omnium gatherum, m‚lange, gallimaufry, farrago, mishmash, hotchpotch or and hodgepodge, tangle, mess

Other Words for Pastime

Pastime Noun Synonyms: hobby, avocation, recreation, diversion, distraction, amusement, entertainment, fun, play, leisure-time activity, relaxation, leisure, sport, divertissement

Other Words for Pastor

Pastor Noun Synonyms: vicar, clergyman, clergywoman, parson, minister, churchman, churchwoman, rector, canon, reverend, father, divine, ecclesiastic, priest, bishop

Other Words for Pastoral

Pastoral Noun Synonyms: bucolic, idyllic, Edenic, innocent, simple, tranquil, serene, quiet, restful, peaceful, peaceable, placid, pacific, harmonious, simple, uncomplicated, Arcadian, georgic
Pastoral Adjective Synonyms: clerical, ministerial, ecclesiastic(al), church(ly)

Other Words for Pasture

Pasture Adjective Synonyms: meadow, meadow-land, pasture land, grassland, grass, lea, range, pasturage

Other Words for Pasty

Pasty Noun Synonyms: wan, pallid, pasty-faced, sallow, pale, pale-faced, whey-faced, sickly, anaemic

Other Words for Pat

Pat Noun Synonyms: tap, touch, dab, pet, stroke, caress
Pat Verb Synonyms: tap, touch, dab, stroke, caress
Pat Adverb Synonyms: apt, suitable, apposite, ready, appropriate, fitting, relevant

Other Words for Pat On The Back

Pat On The Back Noun Synonyms: commendation, praise, compliment, flattery, encouragement, credit, reassurance, approval, endorsement, recognition, honeyed words
Pat On The Back Adjective Synonyms: congratulate, commend, praise, compliment, encourage, reassure

Other Words for Patch

Patch Adjective Synonyms: area, section, segment, plat, plot, lot, tract, ground, parcel, field
Patch Noun Synonyms: responsibility, area, bailiwick, territory
Patch Adverb Synonyms: piece, scrap, reinforcement, shred, snip, snippet, tatter, pad

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