Other Words for Pause

Pause Noun Synonyms: hesitate, interrupt, delay, hold up, discontinue, break, wait, mark time, suspend, intermit, falter, rest

Other Words for Pave

Pave Verb Synonyms: macadamize, tarmac, asphalt, tile, flag, concrete, cover, surface

Other Words for Pave The Way

Pave The Way Noun Synonyms: prepare or smooth the way for, open the door for, make easy or easier for, facilitate, ease

Other Words for Pawn

Pawn Verb Synonyms: pledge, mortgage, hypothecate, plight, deposit, pignorate, gage, pop, hock

Other Words for Pay

Pay Noun Synonyms: recompense, compensate, remunerate, reward, indemnify, repay, refund, reimburse, pay off, pay out, pay up, satisfy, clear, remit, discharge, liquidate, settle, honor, meet
Pay Verb Synonyms: extend, bestow, transmit, pass on, give, deliver

Other Words for Pay Back

Pay Back Verb Synonyms: recompense, compensate, remunerate, reward, indemnify, repay, pay off, refund, reimburse

Other Words for Pay Off

Pay Off Verb Synonyms: bribe, suborn, buy off, grease (someone's) palm, give (someone) a bribe or a rebate, give (someone) a kickback, slip (someone) something

Other Words for Payable

Payable Noun Synonyms: expenditure, disbursement, distribution, outlay, fee, contribution, charge, expense, payout
Payable Adjective Synonyms: result, outcome, upshot, conclusion, wind-up, settlement, final reckoning, punch-line, crunch, grand finale, kicker
Payable Verb Synonyms: due, owed, owing, outstanding, unpaid, receivable, mature

Other Words for Peace

Peace Noun Synonyms: pacific, inoffensive, dovish, peace-loving, mild, non-violent, non-belligerent, unbelligerent, unwarlike, non-warring, non-combative, temperate, agreeable, compatible, congenial, genial, friendly, amiable, amicable, cordial
Peace Adjective Synonyms: serenity, tranquillity, calm, calmness, placidity or placidness, peace of mind, quiet, peacefulness, peaceableness, stillness

Other Words for Peaceful

Peaceful Noun Synonyms: peaceable, serene, placid, calm, quiet, quiescent, gentle, restful, tranquil, untroubled, undisturbed, unruffled

Other Words for Peacemaker

Peacemaker Noun Synonyms: conciliator, pacifier, reconciler, propitiator, placater, pacificator, mediator, arbitrator, intermediator, intermediary, diplomat, appeaser, interceder, go-between, referee, umpire, adjudicator, peacemonger

Other Words for Peak

Peak Adjective Synonyms: top, pinnacle, crest, ridge, tor, mountain top, summit, mountain, eminence, elevation, hill
Peak Noun Synonyms: top, tip, tiptop, apex, acme, culmination, apogee, zenith, high point, crown, extreme, utmost, uttermost, perfection, ne plus ultra, consummation, climax

Other Words for Peaky

Peaky Noun Synonyms: peakish, pinched, unhealthy, sickly, ailing, ill, unwell, infirm, unwholesome, pale, pallid, wan, waxen, anaemic, pasty, sallow, whey-faced, ashen, washed out, drained, emaciated, wasted, gaunt, hollow-eyed, haggard, drawn, weak, feeble, peaked

Other Words for Peal

Peal Verb Synonyms: ringing, ring, carillon, chime, chiming, toll, tolling, clang, clangour, tintinnabulation, clamour, reverberation, knell, clap, crash, roar, rumble, thunder
Peal Adjective Synonyms: ring, toll, chime, clang, tintinnabulate, reverberate, resonate, resound, knell, boom, crash, roar, roll, rumble, thunder

Other Words for Pearl

Pearl Noun Synonyms: gem, treasure, prize, cream, flower, wonder, nonpareil

Other Words for Pearly

Pearly Verb Synonyms: nacreous, pearl-like, perlaceous, lustrous, mother-of-pearl

Other Words for Peasant

Peasant Noun Synonyms: rustic, countryman, countrywoman, farmer, provincial, (farm) worker, (country) bumpkin, bucolic, peon, fellah, muzhik or mouzhik or mujik, Historical esne, serf, swain, hind, churl, yokel, hill-billy, bog-trotter, oaf, lump, lout, boor

Other Words for Peccadillo

Peccadillo Adjective Synonyms: slip, error, lapse, mistake, infraction, violation, misdeed, shortcoming, misstep, blunder, faux pas, indiscretion, gaffe, botch, stumble, fault, petty sin, (minor) transgression, trespass, slip-up, goof

Other Words for Peculiar

Peculiar Noun Synonyms: odd, curious, strange, queer, bizarre, weird, unusual, abnormal, anomalous, aberrant, deviant or deviate, eccentric, uncommon, outlandish, exceptional, extraordinary, out of the ordinary, offbeat, unorthodox, atypical, idiosyncratic, unconventional
Peculiar Adjective Synonyms: arbitrary, sort

Other Words for Peculiar To

Peculiar To Noun Synonyms: typical of, characteristic of, characterized by, natural to, symptomatic of, appropriate to or for, distinctive of, restricted to, specific to, indicative of, denotative of, limited to, individual to, personal to, special to, unique

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