Other Words for Pace

Pace Noun Synonyms
walk, stride, tread, traverse
Alistair paced up and down nervously, waiting for word from the surgeon.

rate (of speed), tempo, speed, velocity, clip
We were proceeding at a pace of five miles per hour.

measure, gauge or gage, judge, rate, estimate, determine, reckon, figure, compute
I was trying to pace myself to conserve some energy for a sprint finish.

Pace Verb Synonyms
step, stride
Please walk forward two paces.

More Words for Pace

Rate / Judge / Step / Speed / Walk

Class A Airspace

Technology / Aviation / Class A Airspace: Airspace between 18,000 and 60,000 feet MSL (Mean Seal Level) over the contiguous United States. IFR clearances are required for all aircraft operating in Class A airspace. MORE

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Class C Airspace

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Class D Airspace

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Uncontrolled Airspace

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