Other Words for Pack

Pack Noun Synonyms
We ought to have two packs of cards for bridge.

group, collection, assembly, assemblage, congregation, gathering, crowd, number, throng, horde, mass, crew, gang, body, lots, loads, band, company, party, set, flock, herd, drove, mob, swarm, bevy, covey, circle, coterie, clique
A huge pack of people were waiting at the stage door for the star to emerge.

Pack Verb Synonyms
load, lot, bunch, multitude, heap, pile, accumulation, mass, amassment, mess, barrel, peck
She told the jury a pack of lies.

parcel, package, packet, bundle, bale, backpack, knapsack, rucksack, haversack, kitbag, kit, duffle or duffel bag
The stranger hoisted his pack onto his shoulder and loped off.

More Words for Pack

Band / Mass / Set / Pile / Herd / Circle / Lot / Party / Group / Number / Package

Food Package

Business / Agriculture / Food Package: Generally refers to foods contained in the package of specific items provided to those participating in the WIC program or CSFP. Also may refer to foods distributed by food banks and pantries, and by MORE

Pack-in Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Pack-in Game: A game that comes packaged with a system. For example, the NES pack-in was Super Mario Bros, and the Genesis pack-in was Sonic the Hedgehog. MORE


Technology / Computers / Packet: A unit of data formatted to transmit through a network. A packet is sent from a source to a destination. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Package: The group of players on the field for a given play. For example, the Nickel Package substitutes a cornerback for either a linebacker or a defensive lineman (the latter is referred to as a 3-3-5 Nickel MORE

Packer Concentration

Business / Agriculture / Packer Concentration: The degree to which a few large firms dominate total sales within segments of the meat packing industry, which, some farmers and other critics contend, can cause or at least contribute to lower prices MORE

Single In-Line Package (SIP)

Technology / Computers / Single In-Line Package (SIP): Abbreviation of single in-line package, a type of housing for electronic components in which the connecting pins protrude from one side. Compare with DIP and PGA. A SIP is also called a Single In-line MORE