Other Words for Pack Off

Pack Off Verb Synonyms
dismiss, send off or away, bundle off or out, hustle off or out or away, get rid of, drive off or away, order off or away or out, send (someone) about his or her business
At the beginning of the war, Sally's mother packed her off to America to stay with her aunt.

Pack Hardening

Business / Machine Shop / Pack Hardening: A heat-treating process in which the workpiece is packed into a metal box together with charcoal, charred leather or other carbonaceous material to case-harden the part. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Pack: A full count of ten; a strike; also, an adjective to describe a full pocket hit; i.e., it was packed. See also six pack. MORE

Organic Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Organic Coffee: Coffee that has been certified by a third-party agency as having been grown and processed without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or similar chemicals. MORE

Pack-in Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Pack-in Game: A game that comes packaged with a system. For example, the NES pack-in was Super Mario Bros, and the Genesis pack-in was Sonic the Hedgehog. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Package: The group of players on the field for a given play. For example, the Nickel Package substitutes a cornerback for either a linebacker or a defensive lineman (the latter is referred to as a 3-3-5 Nickel MORE

Package Tour

Life Style / Travel / Package Tour: A tour that includes pre-paid transportation, accommodations and/or some combination of other tour elements, such as meals, transfers, sightseeing or car rental. A package tour may include more than o MORE