Other Words for Package

Package Noun Synonyms
wrap, pack, containerize, carton, case, encase, enclose, include, combine, unite, coupled, incorporate
More and more merchandise comes packaged in plastic these days. A special sponge is packaged with the cleaning liquid.

Package Verb Synonyms
combination, unit, package deal
Included in the package from the car dealer are several luxury features.

packet, parcel, box, container, case, carton, bundle
I am donating a package of clothing to the relief fund.

More Words for Package

Case / Pack

Single In-Line Package (SIP)

Technology / Computers / Single In-Line Package (SIP): Abbreviation of single in-line package, a type of housing for electronic components in which the connecting pins protrude from one side. Compare with DIP and PGA. A SIP is also called a Single In-line MORE

Package Tour

Life Style / Travel / Package Tour: A tour that includes pre-paid transportation, accommodations and/or some combination of other tour elements, such as meals, transfers, sightseeing or car rental. A package tour may include more than o MORE

Benefits Package

Health / Dentistry / Benefits Package: A term informally used to refer to the employer's benefits plan or to the benefits plan options from which the employee can choose. 'Benefits package' highlights the fact a health benefits plan is a c MORE

Food Package

Business / Agriculture / Food Package: Generally refers to foods contained in the package of specific items provided to those participating in the WIC program or CSFP. Also may refer to foods distributed by food banks and pantries, and by MORE

Dual In-Line Package (DIP)

Technology / Computers / Dual In-Line Package (DIP): This is a type of chip that was most popular when memory was directly installed on the motherboard. It can be identified by its rectangular casing and has two rows of connector pins on both sides. MORE

Electrical Entrance Package

Business / Construction / Electrical Entrance Package: The entry point of the electrical power including: (1) the 'strike' or location where the overhead or underground electrical lines connect to the house, (2) The meter which measures how much power is MORE