Other Words for Packed

Packed Noun Synonyms
filled, full, loaded, crowded, stuffed, jammed, crammed, brim-full, chock-a-block, chock-full, jam-packed, overloaded, overflowing, loaded or filled to the gunwales, up to there, bursting, groaning, swollen, replete, wall-to-wall
The gallery was packed with the soprano's relatives, who cheered every note. The publicity for the show promised a packed programme of mirth and merriment.

More Words for Packed

Loaded / Full

Hexagonal Close Packed (HCP)

Business / Machine Shop / Hexagonal Close Packed (HCP): A unit cell in which two hexagons (six-sided shapes) form the top and bottom of the prism. An atom is located at the center and at each point of the hexagon. Three atoms, one at each point of a triang MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Cartridge: Quick loading film container. Pre-packed and sealed by the manufacturer. MORE

Pack Hardening

Business / Machine Shop / Pack Hardening: A heat-treating process in which the workpiece is packed into a metal box together with charcoal, charred leather or other carbonaceous material to case-harden the part. MORE

Book Lungs

Science / Spiders / Book Lungs: The respiratory pouches of the arachnids, filled with closely packed sheets or folds to provide maximum surface for aeration: believed to be modified, insunk gills. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Papery: Taste that coffee packed in paper bags or prepared in bad quality filter paper may acquire. In instant coffee can be the result of certain processing operations. MORE


Science / Astrology / Venus: Represents love, romance, beauty, culture, the aesthetic, affection, one's social appeal and acceptability, good taste, harmony and values. MORE