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Pact Noun Synonyms
agreement, treaty, bargain, alliance, contract, compact, concord, covenant, concordat, entente, understanding, arrangement, deal
The companies entered into an illegal pact not to compete in the same markets.

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Total Economic Impact (TEI)

Business / Accounting / Total Economic Impact (TEI): Total economic impact of a potential project in terms of other projects that may spring from it. MORE

Compacted Information

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Compacted Information: Information which is generally and widely associated with a product. For example, most published books have an ISBN. As the number of product databases online increases and duplicate content filters a MORE

Disparate Impact

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Disparate Impact: Under Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law, a less favorable effect for one group than for another. A disparate impact results when rules applied to all employees have a different and more inhibitin MORE

High-Impact Aerobics

Health / Fitness / High-Impact Aerobics: A traditional dance-inspired routine that involves jumping or hopping and moves at a slower pace than low-impact aerobics. High/low combines the two types of routines. MORE

Southern Dairy Compact

Business / Agriculture / Southern Dairy Compact: An agreement among Southern U.S. states that would allow member states to jointly establish a minimum farm price for fluid milk that is above the federally mandated minimum price level in the region. MORE

Impact Ratio

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Impact Ratio: Selection rate, for an employment opportunity, for a group of people in a protected class, divided by the selection rate for the group with the highest selection rate. For an adverse employment situat MORE