Other Words for Pain

Pain Noun Synonyms
hurt, suffering, discomfort, soreness, ache, aching, pang, spasm, smarting, cramp
I feel the pain in my back from lifting that box.

hurt, distress, grieve, wound, injure, trouble, depress, sadden, sorrow, cut to the quick
It pained us to learn of Mrs. mcarthur's illness.

anguish, agony, affliction, distress, grief, woe, suffering, misery, travail, wretchedness, despair, torment, tribulation, trial, torture, dolour, discomposure, ordeal, disquiet
No one who has not experienced it can imagine the pain of losing a child.

irritation, vexation, annoyance, bother, nuisance, pest, pain in the neck, headache, drag, bore, pain in the arse or ass
What a pain it is that you have forgotten your keys again! David can really be a pain when he goes on about the book he's writing.

More Words for Pain

Bore / Drag / Trouble / Trial


Life Style / Painting / Underpainting: The first, thin transparent laying in of colour in a painting. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / In-The-Paint: The inside area of the free throw lane is painted a different color from the rest of the court; thus 'in-the-paint'. MORE

Latex Paint

Life Style / Painting / Latex Paint: Water-based paint made with a latex binder. MORE

Water Based Paint

Life Style / Painting / Water Based Paint: Any paint made with acrylic, vinyl or latex resins, and thinned with water. It dries more quickly than oil-based paint, has a relatively low odor and cleans up easily. MORE

Flat Paint

Business / Construction / Flat Paint: An interior paint that contains a high proportion of pigment and dries to a flat or lusterless finish. MORE

Semigloss Paint Or Enamel

Business / Construction / Semigloss Paint Or Enamel: A paint or enamel made so that its coating, when dry, has some luster but is not very glossy. Bathrooms and kitchens are normally painted semi-gloss MORE