Other Words for Painful

Painful Adjective Synonyms
painstaking, laborious, careful, rigorous, arduous, assiduous, sedulous, diligent, earnest, conscientious, meticulous, scrupulous, detailed, thorough, thoroughgoing, exacting, demanding
A great deal of painful research went into discovering the cause of yellow fever.

Painful Noun Synonyms
hurting, grievous, hurtful, sore, distressing, distressful, excruciating, torturous, agonizing, smarting, stinging, aching, achy, throbbing, burning, piercing, stabbing, sharp, tender, sensitive, raw, bitter, nociceptive
The bullet caused a painful wound in the knee. Mother's arthritis can be quite painful at times.

Painful Verb Synonyms
vexing, vexatious, annoying, harassing, irritating, irksome, aggravating, galling, exasperating, unpleasant, afflictive, harrowing, worrisome, worrying, troubling, disquieting, disturbing, distressing
Fighting in the front lines was a painful experience for Rupert.

More Words for Painful

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