Other Words for Place

Place Adjective Synonyms
function, role, part, purpose, duty, obligation, task, responsibility, charge, chore, burden, concern, mission
It is scarcely my place to remind you of your appointments with the dentist.

locale, area, neighborhood, vicinity, district, section, part of the country, quarter, region, city, town, village, hamlet
She comes from some place near Glasgow.

Place Adverb Synonyms
position, job, post, berth, appointment, livelihood, employment, occupation, billet
Is there a chance of my earning a place in your new company.

class, classify, sort, order, arrange, rank, group, categorize, bracket, grade, regard, view, see, consider
She places love of family above love of country. Critics place him among the best writers of the century.

Place Noun Synonyms
prairie, grassland, pasture, meadow-land, veld or veldt, pampas, campo, llano, savannah or savanna, steppe, tundra, champaign or campagna, heath, moor, moorland, plateau, flatland, down, downland, wold, mead
The plain stretched out before us as far as the eye could see.

open, honest, straightforward, forthright, direct, frank, candid, blunt, outspoken, ingenuous, sincere, guileless, artless, unreserved
I want to see some plain talk between the two of us.

simple, unadorned, undecorated, unembellished, basic, austere, stark, unostentatious, colourless, drab, bare, unvarnished, Spartan
Don't you find the average business suit a very plain affair.

seat, chair, position
Kevin, please take your place at the head of the table.

status, station, standing, grade, rank, position, niche, slot, situation, estate, state, circumstance(s)
Angela was just saying how difficult it is today to find a servant who knows his place.

Place Verb Synonyms
location, site, position, point, spot, locus, area, locale, scene, setting
This looks like a nice place for a picnic. She likes to see a place for everything and everything in its place.

identify, put one's finger on, recall, remember, recognize, associate
I just can't place her for the moment. He finally placed me with those who had ragged him at school.

put, set, assign, give
People place too much importance on material things.

put (out), position, situate, locate, dispose, arrange, order, set (out), lay, deposit, station, post, spot, pinpoint, stick, bung
Place the forks on the left and the knives on the right. They placed guards at the door of my room.

More Words for Place

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