Other Words for Plant

Plant Noun Synonyms
spy, (undercover or secret) agent, informer, informant
The new assistant is a plant, sent in by management to report on union activities.

bed (out), sow, seed, set (out), transplant
We planted a herbaceous border along the south wall of the garden.

implant, establish, root, fix, ingrain, lodge, instil, insinuate, inject, introduce, impress, imprint
Who planted the idea in your mind that you were a gifted writer.

equipment, machinery, apparatus, gear, fixtures
The plant includes heavy cranes, jcbs, earth movers, bulldozers.

factory, mill, shop, works, workshop, foundry
The new plant in Crawley is hiring lathe operators.

Plant Verb Synonyms
hide, secrete, conceal
The company has planted detectives in the store to watch out for shoplifters.

flower, vegetable, herb, bush, shrub, tree, vine, weed
Because of all the rain, the plants are flourishing this summer.

More Words for Plant

Gear / Root / Works / Lodge / Hide / Fix / Flower

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