Other Words for Policy

Policy Verb Synonyms
approach, procedure, (game) plan, design, scheme, programme, method, system, management, conduct, behavior, strategy, tactic(s), principle(s), protocol, regulation, rule, custom, way, practice, ways and means, action
What policy should we follow regarding interest rates.

More Words for Policy

Practice / Method / Way

Guaranteed Renewable Policy

Business / Taxes / Guaranteed Renewable Policy: Your insurance company can’t cancel a guaranteed renewable life insurance policy as long as you pay the premium on time. With this type of policy, your payments can be increased only if they’re ra MORE

Accommodative Monetary Policy

Business / Finance / Accommodative Monetary Policy: Federal Reserve System policy to increase the amount of money available to banks for lending. See: Monetary policy. MORE

Policyholder Or Policy Owner

Business / Taxes / Policyholder Or Policy Owner: If you own an insurance contract or policy, you are a policyholder, also known as the policy owner. As a policyholder, you may also be the person covered by the policy — referred to as the insured MORE

Policyholder Loan Bonds

Business / Finance / Policyholder Loan Bonds: Packaged loans acquired by policyholders that are secured by the cash surrender value of the policies, and are offered by a broker/dealer as bonds. MORE

Fiscal Policy

Business / Finance / Fiscal Policy: An alternative to a bond trust deed. Unlike the trustee, the fiscal agent acts as a representative of the borrower. MORE

Clta Policy

Business / Real Estate / Clta Policy: A standard coverage title insurance policy protects real estate buyers in matters of record and specific risk. MORE