Other Words for Present

Present Noun Synonyms
introduce, acquaint with, make known
I'd like to present my wife, Cordelia, who has been looking forward to meeting you.

current, contemporary, present-day, existing, existent, up to date, now
Do you understand the present generation? .

tip, gratuity, pourboire, baksheesh or backsheesh, bonus, alms, hand-out, dole, aid, allowance
She gave the ma$tre d'h“tel a present for looking after us so well.

offer, give, stage, show, exhibit, put on (show), mount, produce
The local players will present a new production of Blithe Spirit tonight.

May I open my birthday presents now? .

Present Verb Synonyms
give (out), award, confer (on), bestow (on), turn or hand over, grant, provide, furnish, dispense, distribute, dole out, pass out, deal out, mete out
They presented her with a prize for the best poem. Is it tonight that they present the awards.

introduce, announce, emcee
And here, to present our show, is the inimitable Reginald Norton.

More Words for Present

Aid / Offer / Now / Award / Give / Show / Tip / Current / Grant

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