Other Words for Prize

Prize Adjective Synonyms
reward, award, trophy, premium, honor, accolade, guerdon
The first prize was a week's holiday in the Bahamas.

Prize Noun Synonyms
choice, excellent, (prize)winning, best, champion, outstanding, select, superior, superlative, first-rate
This dairy owns a prize herd of Guernseys.

loot, booty, spoil(s), trophy, plunder, pickings
The pirates took the galleon as their prize.

aim, goal
The prize they all strove for was a grant to carry on lexicographic research.

value, treasure, esteem, cherish, appreciate, rate highly, hold dear
I prize your friendship above all things.

winnings, jackpot, purse, receipts, gain, windfall, stakes, haul, take
He used his prize from winning the lottery to buy a new car.

More Words for Prize

Select / Take / Gain / Award / Best

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