Other Words for Program

Program Noun Synonyms
organize, arrange, prearrange, plan, lay out, map (out), design, formulate, set (up), schedule, book, slate
The solo pianist is programmed to follow the chamber orchestra.

schedule, plan, scheme, agenda, order of the day, routine, protocol, slate, list, listing, description, outline, abstract, , calendar, menu, bill of fare, curriculum, syllabus, synopsis, summary, prospectus
The programme shows the sequence of events. You cannot tell what is being offered without a programme.

Program Verb Synonyms
proceedings, events, affairs, activities
The programme includes an hour of exercise before breakfast every day.

performance, production, show, presentation, (radio or television) play, telecast, broadcast, recital, concert
Television programmes seem to cater to lower levels of taste and intelligence every year.

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