Other Words for Protection

Protection Adjective Synonyms
defense, screen, shield, barrier, guard, safeguard, immunity, bulwark, buffer, shelter, refuge, haven, sanctuary, security, safe keeping, safety, preservation
They have not yet developed any protection from the common cold. How can we offer these fledglings protection against predators? .

Protection Verb Synonyms
extortion, blackmail, protection money
If we refuse to pay protection, they say that they will bomb the restaurant.

More Words for Protection

Guard / Screen / Shelter

Order Protection Rule

Business / Taxes / Order Protection Rule: The order protection rule, part of Regulation NMS — for National Market System — adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2005, requires that every stock trading center establish MORE

Travel Protection

Life Style / Travel / Travel Protection: A combination of travel insurance benefits and emergency hotline services, designed to give you protection for your travel investment, health and belongings while traveling. MORE

Homestead Protection

Business / Agriculture / Homestead Protection: When a USDA farm loan borrower lacks the financial resources to make payments on a delinquent loan, is ineligible for a restructured loan, and is unable to buy out the loan at the net recovery value o MORE

Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP)

Business / Agriculture / Group Risk Income Protection (GRIP): A county-based revenue insurance program, that is a variation of Group Risk Protection (GRP). GRIP pays a participating producer when the county revenue per acre for an insured crop falls below a trig MORE

Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)

Business / Finance / Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC): A nonprofit corporation that insures customers' securities and cash held by member brokerage firms against the failure of those firms. MORE

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Business / Agriculture / Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): An independent federal government agency established in 1970 and charged with coordinating effective governmental action concerning the environment, including setting standards, promulgating and enfor MORE