Other Words for Purchase

Purchase Noun Synonyms
win, gain, achieve, realize, attain, obtain
His liberty was purchased by the betrayal of his colleagues.

acquisition, acquiring, buying, purchasing, obtaining, securing, procurement
The purchase of books for the university library is the responsibility of Monica Turnbull.

buy, acquire, procure, obtain, get, secure, pay for
He recently purchased a new personal computer and cannot get it to work. Not long ago, a shilling purchased a loaf of bread.

Purchase Verb Synonyms
grip, hold, support, toe-hold, foothold, grasp, leverage, position, advantage, edge
The climber was having trouble getting a good purchase on the icy ledge.

buy, acquisition
Tom returned from the shop carrying his purchases.

More Words for Purchase

Get / Gain / Position / Advantage / Grip / Support / Hold

Money Purchase Plan

Business / Finance / Money Purchase Plan: A defined benefit contribution plan in which the participant contributes some part and the firm contributes at the same or a different rate. Also called an individual account plan. MORE

Lease-Purchase Agreement

Business / Finance / Lease-Purchase Agreement: An agreement that allows for portions of lease payments to be used to purchase the leased property. MORE

Purchase Accounting

Business / Finance / Purchase Accounting: Method of accounting for a merger that treats the acquirer as having purchased the assets and assumed the liabilities of the acquiree, which are then written up or down to their respective fair market MORE

Repurchase Of Stock

Business / Finance / Repurchase Of Stock: Technique to pay cash to firm's shareholders that provides more preferential tax treatment for shareholders than dividends. Treasury stock is the name given to previously issued stock that has been re MORE

Repurchase Agreement

Business / Finance / Repurchase Agreement: An agreement with a commitment by the seller (dealer) to buy a security back from the purchaser (customer) at a specified price at a designated future date. Also called a repo, it represents a collate MORE

Minimum Purchases

Business / Finance / Minimum Purchases: For mutual funds, the amount required to open a new account (minimum initial purchase) or to deposit into an existing account (minimum additional purchase). These minimums may be reduced for buyers pa MORE