Other Words for Purse

Purse Adjective Synonyms
money, wealth, resources, funds, finances, exchequer, treasury, capital, revenue, income, means, cash, riches, pounds, shillings, pence, L.S.D., dollars, shekels, Mammon, pelf, (filthy) lucre, almighty dollar, ready or readies
The spread of capitalism shows that the power of a man's purse can transcend his political idealism.

prize, reward, award, present, gift
The purse for the next race will be 5,000 guineas.

Purse Noun Synonyms
pucker (up), contract, wrinkle, compress, press together
Robert pursed his lips thoughtfully.

Purse Verb Synonyms
pouch, (money-)bag, wallet, pocket, poke, Highland dress sporran, (woman's) handbag, pocketbook, bag
The money goes out so fast I think there is a hole in my purse.

More Words for Purse

Present / Money / Bag / Cash / Award / Prize


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