Other Words for Queasy

Queasy Adjective Synonyms: uncomfortable, uneasy, nervous, apprehensive, ill at ease, troubled, worried, discomfited, doubtful, hesitant
Queasy Verb Synonyms: sick, nauseous, nauseated, ill, bilious, queer, green around or about the gills, groggy, woozy

Other Words for Queen

Queen Adjective Synonyms: beauty queen, movie queen, star, prima donna, diva, epitome, model, idol, leading light, cynosure, leader
Queen Noun Synonyms: sovereign, monarch, ruler, empress, queen consort, queen mother, queen dowager

Other Words for Queer

Queer Noun Synonyms: questionable, dubious, suspicious, suspect, doubtful, puzzling, mysterious, fishy, shady
Queer Adjective Synonyms: odd, strange, different, peculiar, funny, curious, uncommon, unconventional, unorthodox, atypical, singular, exceptional, anomalous, extraordinary, unusual, weird, bizarre, uncanny, unnatural, freakish, remarkable, offbeat, irregular, unparalleled

Other Words for Quell

Quell Adjective Synonyms: suppress, put down, repress, subdue, quash, overcome, crush, squelch

Other Words for Quench

Quench Verb Synonyms: satisfy, slake, sate, surfeit, satiate, allay, appease

Other Words for Querulous

Querulous Verb Synonyms: complaining, carping, critical, criticizing, hypercritical, fault-finding, finicky, finical, fussy, over-particular, censorious, petulant, whining, murmuring, grumbling, peevish, testy, touchy, irritable, irritated, annoyed, piqued, in a pique, irascible

Other Words for Query

Query Verb Synonyms: question, inquiry or enquiry
Query Adjective Synonyms: ask (about), inquire or enquire (about), question, challenge, doubt, dispute

Other Words for Quest

Quest Noun Synonyms: search, pursuit, exploration, expedition, voyage (of discovery), pilgrimage, mission, crusade, chase, hunt

Other Words for Quest For

Quest For Noun Synonyms: seek (after or for), search after or for, hunt (for), track down, pursue, stalk

Other Words for Question

Question Noun Synonyms: problem, difficulty, confusion, doubt, dubiousness, uncertainty, query, mystery, puzzle
Question Verb Synonyms: query, inquiry or enquiry

Other Words for Questionable

Questionable Noun Synonyms: doubtful, dubious, debatable, moot, disputable, borderline, suspect, suspicious, shady, open to question, in question, in dispute, problematic(al), uncertain, arguable, unsure, unreliable, ambiguous

Other Words for Queue

Queue Verb Synonyms: line, row, file, column, string, train, cortege or cortÅ ge, retinue, procession, succession, chain, concatenation, series, order, cordon, tailback, crocodile, picket

Other Words for Queue Up

Queue Up Adjective Synonyms: line up, get in or into or form a line or queue or file, get into or in line, fall in

Other Words for Quibble

Quibble Verb Synonyms: cavil, sophism, subtlety, nicety
Quibble Noun Synonyms: equivocate, split hairs, evade, be evasive, palter, chop logic, bandy words, cavil, pettifog, nit-pick

Other Words for Quick

Quick Adjective Synonyms: excitable, touchy, testy, petulant, irascible, irritable, impatient
Quick Verb Synonyms: rapid, fast, speedy, swift, fleet, expeditious, express
Quick Noun Synonyms: agile, lively, nimble, energetic, vigorous, alert, animated, keen, sharp, acute, spry, spirited, vivacious, rapid, swift

Other Words for Quick-Tempered

Quick-Tempered Adverb Synonyms: excitable, impulsive, temperamental, hot-tempered, waspish, choleric, splenetic, impatient, short-tempered, touchy, irascible, irritable, snappish, abrupt, short, short-spoken, quarrelsome, testy, volatile, hot-blooded, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, churlis

Other Words for Quick-Witted

Quick-Witted Adverb Synonyms: acute, sharp, clever, smart, nimble-witted, alert, keen, astute, perceptive, perspicacious

Other Words for Quicken

Quicken Adjective Synonyms: accelerate, hasten, speed up

Other Words for Quickly

Quickly Verb Synonyms: rapidly, swiftly, speedily, fast

Other Words for Quiet

Quiet Adverb Synonyms: silent, soundless, noiseless, hushed, still
Quiet Adjective Synonyms: still, serene, silent, peaceful, unperturbed, calm, tranquil, placid, pacific, smooth, mild, restful, unagitated

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