Other Words for Quietly

Quietly Noun Synonyms: in hushed tones, in whispers
Quietly Adverb Synonyms: modestly, humbly, demurely, unpretentiously, unostentatiously, unobtrusively, unassumingly, sedately
Quietly Verb Synonyms: peacefully, calmly, serenely, peaceably, meekly, mildly
Quietly Adjective Synonyms: silently, soundlessly, noiselessly, inaudibly, in silence, softly

Other Words for Quintessence

Quintessence Adverb Synonyms: essence, heart, core, quiddity, essentialness, essentiality, pith, marrow, sum and substance, epitome, nonpareil, embodiment, personification, model, prototype, exemplar, ideal, beau id‚al, paragon

Other Words for Quip

Quip Adverb Synonyms: (bon) mot, witticism, sally, jest, ad lib, joke, gibe, barb, aphorism, epigram, apophthegm or apothegm, pun, double entendre, equivoque or equivoke, gag, one-liner, crack, wisecrack, wheeze, chestnut

Other Words for Quirk

Quirk Noun Synonyms: peculiarity, caprice, vagary, eccentricity, fancy, twist, warp, aberration, idiosyncrasy, oddity, kink, characteristic, crotchet, whim, trick

Other Words for Quit

Quit Noun Synonyms: leave, depart from, go (away) from, get away from, decamp, exit, desert, flee, forsake, abandon, take off, beat it, skip
Quit Verb Synonyms: resign, give up, relinquish, leave, renounce, retire from, withdraw from

Other Words for Quite

Quite Adjective Synonyms: rather
Quite Adverb Synonyms: very much, totally, entirely, wholly, altogether, really, actually, truly, definitely, positively, undoubtedly, indubitably, absolutely, unequivocally, certainly, surely, unreservedly, honestly
Quite Verb Synonyms: completely, very, totally, utterly, entirely, from head to toe, from A to Z, fully, wholly, thoroughly, unequivocally, absolutely, perfectly, altogether, unreservedly

Other Words for Quite Down

Quite Down Adjective Synonyms: quiet (down), still, silence, hush, calm, tranquillize, lull

Other Words for Quiver

Quiver Adverb Synonyms: shake, tremble, vibrate, shiver, quaver, shudder, tremor, oscillate, fluctuate, wobble

Other Words for Quixotic

Quixotic Adverb Synonyms: idealistic, impractical, impracticable, unrealistic, unrealizable, visionary, romantic, fantastic, chimerical, fanciful, dreamlike, dreamy, nephelococcygeal, starry-eyed, optimistic, rash, absurd, mad, foolhardy, reckless, wild, preposterous, ridiculous

Other Words for Quiz

Quiz Noun Synonyms: question, interrogate, ask, examine, grill, pump
Quiz Verb Synonyms: examination, test, exam

Other Words for Quizzical

Quizzical Adjective Synonyms: curious, queer, odd, inquiring or enquiring, questioning, puzzled

Other Words for Quota

Quota Noun Synonyms: apportionment, portion, allotment, allocation, allowance, ration, share, part, proportion, percentage, equity, interest, cut

Other Words for Quotation

Quotation Adjective Synonyms: quote, (bid or asking or offer or market) price, charge, fixed price, rate, cost, value
Quotation Verb Synonyms: quote, passage, citation, reference, allusion, extract, excerpt, selection

Other Words for Quote

Quote Noun Synonyms: cite, mention, recite, repeat, retell, reproduce, duplicate, call up, bring up, bring in, instance, exemplify, refer to, reference, extract, excerpt

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