Other Words for Quaint

Quaint Adjective Synonyms
curious, odd, strange, bizarre, peculiar, unusual, queer, uncommon, singular, unorthodox, eccentric, whimsical, offbeat, fanciful, outlandish, unconventional, fantastic
Her sitting-room was furnished in a quaint mixture of Gothic and Victorian styles.

Quaint Noun Synonyms
old-fashioned, archaic, antiquated, out-dated, picturesque, antique
A rotund little figure appeared, dressed in the quaint clothing of another era.

Fam Tour

Life Style / Travel / Fam Tour: Familiarization tour. A complimentary or reduced-rate travel program for travel professionals designed to acquaint them with specific destinations or suppliers and stimulate the sale of travel. Fams a MORE


Life Style / Travel / B&B: Bed & breakfast; usually a quaint, country-style accommodation with a small number of rooms, that includes breakfast each morning. MORE

Policy-Procedures Manual

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Policy-Procedures Manual: A detailed written document designed to assist managers and supervisors in carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities by acquainting them with all of the organization's policies and the procedures MORE

Eleventh House

Science / Astrology / Eleventh House: Also known as the House of Friends. It describes friendships and acquaintances, as well as hopes and dreams. It rules groups, humanitarianism and philanthropic attitudes. MORE

Cooperator Program

Business / Agriculture / Cooperator Program: Officially known as the Foreign Market Development Program (FMDP). One of the agricultural export promotion programs operated by the Foreign Agricultural Service. This program consists of joint govern MORE