Other Words for Quake

Quake Adjective Synonyms
tremble, shake, quiver, shudder, vibrate, stagger
The children were quaking with fear that their teacher would come back and catch them red-handed.

earthquake, tremor, temblor or trembler or tremblor, seismic(al) activity, seism
In a few moments the quake levelled three cities that had stood for thousands of years.

Earthquake Safety Disclosure

Business / Real Estate / Earthquake Safety Disclosure: By California law, real estate agents or owners are required to prepare a Residential Earthquake Hazards Report disclosing the earthquake safety preparedness of all houses sold in the state. MORE

Earthquake Strap

Business / Construction / Earthquake Strap: A metal strap used to secure gas hot water heaters to the framing or foundation of a house. Intended to reduce the chances of having the water heater fall over in an earthquake and causing a gas leak. MORE

Homeowners Guide To Earthquake Safety

Business / Real Estate / Homeowners Guide To Earthquake Safety: A document produced by the State of California Seismic Safety Commission intended to help inform homeowners on earthquake safety issues in homes. MORE

Focus (Earthquake)

Science / Geology / Focus (Earthquake): The point at which the rupture occurs: synonymous with hypocenter. MORE


Science / Geology / Earthquake: The violent oscillatory motion of the ground caused by the passage of seismic waves radiating from a fault along which sudden movement has taken place. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Quakers: Defective coffee beans that fail to roast properly, remaining stubbornly light-colored. MORE