Other Words for Qualifications

Qualifications Adjective Synonyms
fitness, ability, aptitude, capability, competence or competency, capacity, suitableness, suitability, eligibility, proficiency, skill, knowledge, know-how
You cannot persuade me that Powell has the qualifications needed to do the job.

More Words for Qualifications

Ability / Skill

Minimum Qualifications

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Minimum Qualifications: The attributes of a job description which establishes a baseline for meeting the qualifications for a particular position. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Unretirement: The practice of hiring retired former employees whose skills or qualifications are in need. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Ffa: Free-for-all links list, where there are no qualifications for adding a link. MORE

Poetic Justice

Entertainment / Literature / Poetic Justice: The phrase and the idea was coined by Thomas Rymer in the late 1600s. He claimed that a narrative or drama should distribute rewards and punishments proportionately to the virtues and villainies of ea MORE

Freddie Mac

Business / Taxes / Freddie Mac: Freddie Mac is a shareholder-owned corporation that was chartered in 1970 to increase the supply of mortgage money that lenders are able to make available to homebuyers. To do its job, Freddie Mac buy MORE

Content Validity

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Content Validity: The degree to which a test or other assessment instrument used during the selection process measures the skills, knowledge and abilities or other related job qualifications. MORE