Other Words for Qualify

Qualify Adjective Synonyms
temper, mitigate, modify, moderate, modulate, restrict, limit
In light of their later behavior, I shall have to qualify my recommendation that you accept them as students.

Qualify Noun Synonyms
equip, fit (out), ready, prepare, condition, make eligible, certify
His training in the air force qualified him to be a pilot.

be eligible, meet the requirements, be fit or suitable or equipped or ready or prepared, make the grade
Sue will qualify as a doctor if she passes just one more exam.

More Words for Qualify

Ready / Temper / Limit


Business / Real Estate / Prequalify: Determine the maximum loan amount a prospective buyer qualifies for prior to showing them properties. Failing to prequalify may result in wasted efforts showing the prospect properties they cannot aff MORE

Nonqualifying Stock Option

Business / Finance / Nonqualifying Stock Option: An employee stock option that does not satisfy IRS qualifying rules and therefore is liable for taxation upon exercise . MORE

Qualifying Share

Business / Finance / Qualifying Share: Shares of common stock that a person must hold in order to qualify as a director of the issuing corporation. MORE

Disqualifying Income

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Disqualifying Income: Commonly used as an offset when coordinating income from multiple sources. MORE

Nonqualifying Annuity

Business / Finance / Nonqualifying Annuity: An annuity that does not fall under an IRS-approved pension plan. Contributions are made with after-tax dollars, but earnings can accumulate tax-deferred until withdrawal. MORE

Qualifying Stock Option

Business / Finance / Qualifying Stock Option: A benefit granted by a corporation that allows employees to purchase shares at a discount price. MORE