Other Words for Quarrel

Quarrel Noun Synonyms
dispute, argument, disagreement, debate, controversy, discord, difference (of opinion), contention, misunderstanding, wrangle, tiff, row, squabble, altercation, set-to, scuffle, feud, fight, fray, fracas, brawl, Donnybrook, mele, riot
I have no quarrel with my accountant - it's the tax man that's the problem. A quarrel broke out over whose turn it was to wash the dishes.

argue, disagree, dispute, altercate, have an altercation, differ, wrangle, be at odds or loggerheads, clash, squabble, feud, fight, brawl, battle, fall out, scrap
When we were children, my sister and I quarrelled all the time, but we still loved each other.

More Words for Quarrel

Riot / Discord / Scrap / Fray / Fight / Differ