Other Words for Quarter

Quarter Noun Synonyms
mercy, compassion, mercifulness, clemency, leniency, forgiveness, favor, humanity, pity
The hostages expected no quarter from their captors.

lodge, accommodate, house, board, shelter, put up, billet, post, station
The tour guide stayed at the best hotel, while we were quartered in a youth hostel.

Statistics showed that a quarter of the population attended church regularly.

three-month period, three months, ninety days, thirteen weeks, fifteen minutes, phase (of the moon), quadrature
The first quarter's rent is now due. We waited a quarter of an hour. The moon is in its third quarter.

Quarter Verb Synonyms
area, region, part, section, district, zone, division, territory, place, neighborhood, locality, locale, location, point, spot, direction
The army was called in to patrol the quarter of the city where looting had occurred. It was difficult to tell from which quarter the wind was blowing.

More Words for Quarter

Lodge / Post / Station / Section / House / Shelter / Point / Board / Part

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