Other Words for Quasi

Quasi Adverb Synonyms
as if, as it were, seemingly, apparently, partly, to some extent, to all intents and purposes, more or less, virtually, almost
Her apology seemed only quasi-sincere to me. His function in the proceedings was quasi-judicial.

Quasi Verb Synonyms
so to speak, kind of, sort of, pretended, fake, pseudo, so-called, supposed, artificial, mock, sham, phony
His quasi excuse does not diminish the horror of what he did.

More Words for Quasi

Phony / Fake


Technology / Home Audio / Quasi-Parametric: A type of equalizer. A quasi-parametric (also known as 'semi-parametric') EQ will allow control over the frequency and gain of each band of equalization, but not the number of frequencies controlled ( MORE

Quasi-Public Corporation

Business / Finance / Quasi-Public Corporation: A corporation that is operated privately, but is supported by the government in its operations and that often traded publicly. MORE

Quasi-Stationary Front

Science / Weather / Quasi-Stationary Front: A front which is nearly stationary or moves very little since the last synoptic position. Also known as a stationary front. MORE

Quasi Contract

Business / Real Estate / Quasi Contract: A contract implied by law, as a matter of equity, when no actual contract exists. MORE

Equatorial Trough

Science / Weather / Equatorial Trough: The quasi-continuous area of low pressure between the subtropical high pressure areas in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. MORE


Science / Tides and Currents / Eddy: A quasi-circular movement of water whose area is relatively small in comparison to the current with which it is associated. MORE