Other Words for Recluse

Recluse Noun Synonyms: hermit, anchorite or anchoress, monk or nun, eremite

Other Words for Reclusive

Reclusive Verb Synonyms: solitary, lone, secluded, isolated, eremitic(al), hermitic, anchoritic, monastic, cloistered, sequestered, retiring, shut off

Other Words for Recognition

Recognition Verb Synonyms: identification, detection
Recognition Noun Synonyms: acknowledgement, notice, attention, cognizance, acceptance, awareness, perception, admission, honor, appreciation

Other Words for Recognize

Recognize Adjective Synonyms: identify, detect, place, recall, remember, recollect, know (again)
Recognize Verb Synonyms: honor, give recognition to, salute, show gratitude or appreciation, reward, distinguish, pay respect, do homage
Recognize Noun Synonyms: acknowledge, perceive, understand, realize, see, admit, accept, own, concede, allow, grant, appreciate, respect, be aware of

Other Words for Recoil

Recoil Verb Synonyms: jerk or jump or spring back, start, flinch, wince, shrink, blench, balk or baulk, shy (away)

Other Words for Recollect

Recollect Verb Synonyms: recall, remember, call to mind

Other Words for Recollection

Recollection Verb Synonyms: memory, recall, remembrance, impression, reminiscence

Other Words for Recommend

Recommend Noun Synonyms: counsel, advise, guide, urge, exhort, suggest, advocate, propose, (put) forward, propound, persuade
Recommend Verb Synonyms: endorse, praise, commend, mention favourably, vouch for, second, subscribe to, back, push, favor, approve, underwrite, stand up for, support, promote, tout, plug

Other Words for Recommendation

Recommendation Verb Synonyms: counsel, advice, guidance, urging, exhortation, direction, encouragement, suggestion, prompting, advocacy, proposal

Other Words for Reconcile

Reconcile Verb Synonyms: get or bring (back) together, unite, reunite, settle or resolve differences between, restore harmony between, make peace between, placate, make compatible

Other Words for Reconciliation

Reconciliation Noun Synonyms: conciliation, appeasement, propitiation, pacification, placation, rapprochement, reconcilement, understanding, d‚tente, reunion, harmony, concord, accord, amity, rapport

Other Words for Recondite

Recondite Verb Synonyms: abstruse, arcane, obscure, esoteric, deep, profound, incomprehensible, unfathomable, impenetrable, undecipherable, opaque, dark, occult, cabbalistic or cabalistic or kabbalistic, inexplicable, enigmatic

Other Words for Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance Noun Synonyms: survey, examination, scouting, exploration, reconnoitring, investigation, inspection, scrutiny, recce

Other Words for Reconnoiter

Reconnoiter Noun Synonyms: survey, examine, scout (out), scan, explore, investigate, inspect, scrutinize, check out, check up (on), recce

Other Words for Record

Record Noun Synonyms: tell of, relate, recount, narrate, recite
Record Adjective Synonyms: write (down), transcribe, document, register, note, make a notation (of), take down, put or set down, log, chronicle, report, itemize, list, enumerate
Record Verb Synonyms: recording, report, document, log, journal, memorandum, note, notation, minute(s), transactions, archive(s), annal(s), chronicle, diary, account, dossier, register, list, catalogue

Other Words for Recount

Recount Noun Synonyms: relate, narrate, tell, recite, report, communicate, impart, unfold

Other Words for Recoup

Recoup Adjective Synonyms: regain, make good, make up, recompense, repay, recover, refund, redeem, reimburse, remunerate

Other Words for Recourse

Recourse Verb Synonyms: resort, access, entr‚e, admittance, availability

Other Words for Recover

Recover Verb Synonyms: regain, get or take or win or make back (again), recoup, repossess, retake, recapture, restore, retrieve, reclaim, redeem
Recover Noun Synonyms: get well or better, recuperate, convalesce, mend, return to health, regain one's strength or health, be on the mend, heal, improve, revive, rally, take a turn for the better, get back on one's feet, pull through

Other Words for Recovery

Recovery Verb Synonyms: recuperation, convalescence, restoration, improvement, healing, rally, turn for the better, rise, revival, increase, amelioration, bettering, betterment, advance, gain, advance, advancement, pick-up, comeback

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