Other Words for Recreation

Recreation Noun Synonyms: entertainment, amusement, enjoyment, diversion, distraction, fun and games, leisure (activity), pastime, relaxation, sport, play

Other Words for Recrimination

Recrimination Noun Synonyms: counter-accusation, countercharge, retaliation, counter-attack, blaming, aspersion, reprisal

Other Words for Recruit

Recruit Noun Synonyms: draft, induct, enlist, enrol, muster, raise, call up, conscript, mobilize, impress, levy

Other Words for Rectify

Rectify Noun Synonyms: correct, revise, redress, put or set right, cure, repair, remedy, improve, emend, fix, adjust, square, ameliorate

Other Words for Rectitude

Rectitude Verb Synonyms: propriety, correctness, morality, uprightness, probity, virtue, decency, goodness, honesty, integrity, incorruptibility, righteousness, principle, good character, respectability, unimpeachability

Other Words for Recumbent

Recumbent Noun Synonyms: reclining, lying down, flat on one's back, horizontal, lying, reposing, accumbent, decumbent, supine, stretched out, leaning (back)

Other Words for Recuperate

Recuperate Verb Synonyms: improve, recover, convalesce, get better, rally, revive, mend, heal, get back on one's feet, regain one's health, pull through, survive, take a turn for the better

Other Words for Recur

Recur Noun Synonyms: return, happen or occur again, reoccur, repeat, come (back) again, reappear

Other Words for Recurrent

Recurrent Adjective Synonyms: repeated, recurring, returning, reoccurring, reappearing, frequent, periodic, cyclical, regular, repetitive, repetitious, persistent, incessant, continual, intermittent, habitual, iterative

Other Words for Red-Handed

Red-Handed Verb Synonyms: in the (very) act, (in) flagrante delicto, with one's hand in the till, with one's hand in the cookie-jar

Other Words for Redeem

Redeem Verb Synonyms: reclaim, recover, regain, repossess, retrieve, get back, buy back, repurchase, pay off, clear
Redeem Adjective Synonyms: exchange, cash (in), collect on, trade in

Other Words for Redolent

Redolent Verb Synonyms: fragrant, sweet-smelling, aromatic, perfumed, odorous, scented, savory

Other Words for Redolent Of

Redolent Of Verb Synonyms: reminiscent of, suggestive of, evocative of, remindful of, characteristic of, having the earmarks or hallmark of

Other Words for Reduce

Reduce Verb Synonyms: change, modify, adjust, turn, convert, break down or up, grind, rub, triturate, pulp, powder
Reduce Adjective Synonyms: cut (back), cut down (on), decrease, diminish, moderate, abate, lessen, shorten, truncate, abbreviate, abridge, curtail, crop, trim, compress, restrict, limit, stunt

Other Words for Redundant

Redundant Verb Synonyms: superfluous, unnecessary, surplus, inessential or unessential, non-essential, unneeded, unwanted, de trop, in excess, excessive

Other Words for Reek

Reek Verb Synonyms: stink or smell (to high heaven), pong, hum
Reek Adjective Synonyms: smoke, steam

Other Words for Reel

Reel Verb Synonyms: stagger, totter, waver, stumble, lurch, falter, roll, rock, sway, flounder, pitch

Other Words for Reel Off

Reel Off Noun Synonyms: list, recite, rattle off, enumerate, review, itemize, name, read off, call off, run through, run over

Other Words for Refer

Refer Verb Synonyms: assign, hand over, pass on or over, send, direct, commit

Other Words for Refer To

Refer To Verb Synonyms: look at, study, check, consult, resort to, have recourse to, turn to, appeal to, confer with, talk to, ask, inquire or enquire of, apply to
Refer To Noun Synonyms: allude to, make reference to, mention, make mention of, touch on, bring up, advert to, speak of, turn or call or direct attention to, direct to, point to, indicate, specify, name, concern, quote, cite, make a note of, take note of, note

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