Other Words for Reference

Reference Verb Synonyms: allusion, mention, remark, referral, direction, indication, specification, naming, quotation, citation, note, notation, notification, hint, intimation, innuendo, insinuation

Other Words for Refine

Refine Noun Synonyms: purify, cleanse, clear, clarify, decontaminate

Other Words for Refined

Refined Adjective Synonyms: purified, clarified, cleansed, pure, clean, distilled
Refined Verb Synonyms: cultivated, cultured, civilized, polished, sophisticated, urbane, elegant, well-bred, genteel, courtly, ladylike, gentlemanly, polite, courteous, mannerly, well-mannered, gracious, gentle, noble, aristocratic, dignified, elevated, posh

Other Words for Refinement

Refinement Noun Synonyms: improvement, betterment, bettering, enhancement, development, perfection
Refinement Adjective Synonyms: culture, polish, elegance, sophistication, urbanity, urbaneness, breeding, cultivation, gentility, propriety, courtliness, civility, politeness, politesse, delicacy, tact, diplomacy, finesse, suavity, suaveness, taste, tastefulness, discrimination, discer

Other Words for Reflect

Reflect Noun Synonyms: mirror, send or throw back, reproduce, return, echo

Other Words for Reflect On

Reflect On Verb Synonyms: result in, end in, bring, attract, cast, throw
Reflect On Noun Synonyms: think (about or over or on), contemplate, muse (about or on), consider, ponder (about or over or on), deliberate (on or over), ruminate or meditate (about or on or over), cogitate (about or on or over), mull over, weigh, evalua

Other Words for Reflection

Reflection Verb Synonyms: image, echo, reflexion
Reflection Noun Synonyms: result, sign, token, symbol, mark, evidence, testimony, testament, proof, substantiation, corroboration

Other Words for Reflective

Reflective Noun Synonyms: reflecting, thoughtful, pensive, contemplative, meditating, musing, meditative, cogitating, cogitative, ruminating, deliberative, deliberating, pondering

Other Words for Reform

Reform Adjective Synonyms: improvement, betterment, amelioration, melioration, emendation, rectification, correction, rehabilitation, change, modification, perestroika, reorganization, renovation, recovery
Reform Noun Synonyms: improve, better, ameliorate, meliorate, emend, rectify, correct, mend, repair, fix, remedy, redo, revise, revolutionize, rehabilitate, remodel, refashion, renovate, reorganize, rebuild, recover

Other Words for Reform School

Reform School Verb Synonyms: youth custody centre, Formerly Borstal, approved school, reformatory

Other Words for Refrain

Refrain Noun Synonyms: stop, cease, give up, discontinue, desist, quit, leave off, renounce

Other Words for Refrain From

Refrain From Verb Synonyms: keep, forbear, abstain, eschew, avoid

Other Words for Refresh

Refresh Verb Synonyms: enliven, renew, revive, freshen (up), resuscitate, bring back to life, breathe new life into, invigorate, vitalize, energize, brace, fortify, exhilarate, revitalize, reinvigorate, reanimate

Other Words for Refreshing

Refreshing Noun Synonyms: invigorating, stimulating, bracing, exhilarating, fresh, inspiriting, fortifying, tonic, like a breath of fresh air, rejuvenating, enlivening, vitalizing, revitalizing, cooling, thirst-quenching, slaking

Other Words for Refreshments

Refreshments Verb Synonyms: nourishment, nutriment, sustenance, restorative, food, drink(s), edibles, eatables, bite, snack(s), titbit(s), grub, eats, chow, nosh

Other Words for Refrigerate

Refrigerate Verb Synonyms: cool, chill, keep cool or cold or chilled, ice, freeze

Other Words for Refuge

Refuge Noun Synonyms: excuse, pretext, resort, recourse, ruse, trick, stratagem, subterfuge, dodge, evasion, expedient
Refuge Adjective Synonyms: sanctuary, shelter, haven, asylum, protection, cover, retreat, harbor, security, safe house, stronghold, citadel, bolt-hole, hideaway, hide-out, hidy-hole or hidey-hole

Other Words for Refugee

Refugee Verb Synonyms: fugitive, runaway, escapee, displaced person, DP, exile, ‚migr‚

Other Words for Refurbish

Refurbish Noun Synonyms: restore, refurnish, redecorate, clean (up), polish, renew, renovate, spruce up, remodel, refit, overhaul, repair, recondition, revamp, rebuild, do up, fix up

Other Words for Refusal

Refusal Noun Synonyms: denial, rejection, disapproval, turn-down

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