Other Words for Refuse

Refuse Verb Synonyms: decline, reject, spurn, repudiate, turn down, rebuff, give (something) the thumbs down, turn thumbs down on, pass by or up
Refuse Noun Synonyms: rubbish, sweepings, waste, litter, dust, dirt, dregs, dross, garbage, debris, detritus, cast-offs, junk, trash

Other Words for Regal

Regal Verb Synonyms: disdainful, haughty, proud, scornful, contumelious, contemptuous, derisory, derisive, pompous, lordly
Regal Noun Synonyms: royal, kingly, queenly, princely, fit for or befitting a king or queen, noble, lordly, sovereign, majestic, imperial, stately, splendid, magnificent, grand, resplendent, palatial, exalted

Other Words for Regale

Regale Noun Synonyms: entertain, amuse, delight, divert, indulge, please, gratify, captivate, fascinate, entrance, enchant, spellbind, bewitch, charm, enrapture

Other Words for Regalia

Regalia Adjective Synonyms: finery, decorations, insignia, emblems, accoutrements, furnishings, apparatus, gear, paraphernalia, trappings, tackle, appurtenances, equipment, equipage

Other Words for Regard

Regard Adjective Synonyms: view, look at or upon or on, observe, note, notice, watch, eye, keep an eye on, gaze at or upon, stare at
Regard Noun Synonyms: respect, esteem, value
Regard Verb Synonyms: contemplate, consider, perceive, view, look upon or on, treat

Other Words for Regarding

Regarding Noun Synonyms: concerning, about, respecting, with regard to, with respect to, with reference to, on or in the matter of, pertaining to, on the subject of, apropos, re, in re, anent, anenst

Other Words for Regardless

Regardless Noun Synonyms: notwithstanding, nevertheless, no matter what, in any event, in any case, at all events, anyway, anyhow, irregardless

Other Words for Regardless Of

Regardless Of Noun Synonyms: despite, notwithstanding, in spite of, heedless of, irregardless

Other Words for Regards

Regards Noun Synonyms: best wishes, good wishes, compliments, greetings, respects, salutations, devoirs

Other Words for Regime

Regime Adjective Synonyms: r‚gime, regimen, reign, government, rule, regulation, administration, direction, order, leadership, management, system, discipline

Other Words for Regiment

Regiment Adjective Synonyms: discipline, order, organize, systematize, whip into shape, standardize, regulate, control

Other Words for Region

Region Noun Synonyms: sphere, territory, domain, province, field, ambit, pale, jurisdiction, bailiwick
Region Adverb Synonyms: district, area, zone, territory, division, locality, sector, section, tract, part, dominion, precinct, province, quarter, department

Other Words for Register

Register Verb Synonyms: record, roll, roster, rota, catalogue, annal(s), archive(s), journal, daybook, diary, appointment book, calendar, chronicle, schedule, programme, directory, ledger, file, index, inventory, list, listing, poll, tally,
Register Noun Synonyms: cash register, till, money box, cash-box

Other Words for Register With

Register With Verb Synonyms: sink in, impress, become apparent (to), make an impression (on), come home (to), get through (to), dawn on or upon, occur to

Other Words for Regret

Regret Verb Synonyms: rue, mourn, lament, bemoan, bewail, repent, be or feel sorry for, feel remorse for, feel or be remorseful over, be or feel upset, never forgive oneself, deplore, deprecate, weep or cry over

Other Words for Regretful

Regretful Verb Synonyms: rueful, mournful, sad, repentant, guilty, sorry, sorrowful, disappointed, contrite, remorseful, apologetic, penitent

Other Words for Regrets

Regrets Verb Synonyms: repentance, guilt, sorrow, disappointment, contrition, remorse, regretfulness, (pang or pangs of) conscience, self-reproach, self-condemnation, qualm, second thoughts, rue, ruefulness, grief, woe, sadness, mournfulness, dolour

Other Words for Regrettable

Regrettable Verb Synonyms: lamentable, deplorable, woeful, sad, distressing, upsetting, unhappy, unfortunate, unlucky, too bad, awful, terrible, execrable, reprehensible, wrong, shameful, shaming, tough, rough

Other Words for Regular

Regular Noun Synonyms: routine, ordinary, common, everyday, customary, accustomed, wonted, commonplace, normal,ual, traditional, time-honoured, conventional, typical, habitual, natural, familiar, standard, predictable, scheduled, fixed, unvarying, invariable, methodical
Regular Adjective Synonyms: scheduled, routine, systematic, ordered, steady, consistent, rhythmic(al), automatic, uniform, periodic, cyclic(al), hourly, daily, weekly, hebdomadal, semi-weekly, biweekly, fortnightly, semi-monthly, monthly, bimonthly, seasonal, quarterly, semi-annual,

Other Words for Regularity

Regularity Adjective Synonyms: consistency, constancy, uniformity, evenness, sameness, symmetry, balance, harmony, harmoniousness, orderliness, order, stability, predictability

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