Other Words for Regulate

Regulate Noun Synonyms: adjust, modify, modulate, control, balance, set, fix, order, govern, organize, maintain, manage

Other Words for Regulation

Regulation Noun Synonyms: adjustment, modification, modulation, control, balance, balancing, setting, fixing, organization, maintenance
Regulation Verb Synonyms: rule, ruling, law, code, by-law or bye-law, edict, order, ordinance, statute, decree, directive, dictate

Other Words for Regurgitate

Regurgitate Noun Synonyms: vomit, disgorge, return one's dinner, spew up, (of birds of prey) cast, retch, gag, throw up, upchuck, puke, spiff one's biscuits, barf

Other Words for Rehabilitate

Rehabilitate Adjective Synonyms: restore, save, reclaim, rescue, redeem, re-establish, reinstate, re-educate, reorient, reform, straighten out, rehab

Other Words for Rehash

Rehash Verb Synonyms: rework, go over again, restate, redo, rearrange, reshuffle, reuse

Other Words for Rehearsal

Rehearsal Verb Synonyms: practice, exercise, dry run, drill, run-through, read-through, dress rehearsal, undress rehearsal

Other Words for Rehearse

Rehearse Verb Synonyms: practise, exercise, run through, read through, study, repeat
Rehearse Noun Synonyms: repeat, relate, recite, tell, describe, recount, review, go through or over, review, report, recapitulate, recap

Other Words for Reign

Reign Noun Synonyms: rule, sovereignty, ascendancy, power, hegemony, influence, command, suzerainty, administration, jurisdiction, leadership, government, direction, control, domination, mastery, kingdom, monarchy, empire
Reign Verb Synonyms: rule, control, command, govern, lead, direct, dominate, supervise, manage, hold sway, wear the crown, wield the sceptre, occupy the throne, run the show, rule the roost, call the shots

Other Words for Reimburse

Reimburse Noun Synonyms: repay, recompense, refund, pay back, compensate, remunerate, indemnify

Other Words for Rein

Rein Verb Synonyms: check, curb, control, restraint, constraint, limitation, harness, bridle, brake

Other Words for Rein In

Rein In Verb Synonyms: check, curb, control, restrain, limit, harness, bridle, restrict, pull back on

Other Words for Reinforce

Reinforce Noun Synonyms: strengthen, buttress, bolster, support, fortify, prop (up), shore up, augment, brace, stay, steel

Other Words for Reinforcement

Reinforcement Verb Synonyms: strengthening, buttressing, bolstering, shoring (up), augmentation, bracing
Reinforcement Noun Synonyms: buttress, support, prop, brace, stay, bolster

Other Words for Reinforcements

Reinforcements Verb Synonyms: reserves, auxiliaries, men, soldiers, forces, personnel

Other Words for Reins

Reins Verb Synonyms: control, command, control, administration, running, leadership, power, rule, tiller, helm

Other Words for Reiterate

Reiterate Noun Synonyms: repeat, restate, iterate, labour, harp on, dwell on, rehash, recapitulate, recap

Other Words for Reject

Reject Noun Synonyms: decline, refuse, disallow, spurn, veto, turn down, give (something) the thumbs down, set aside, turn thumbs down (on), deny, repudiate, renounce, rebuff, shun, brush aside, turn a deaf ear to, will not hear of
Reject Verb Synonyms: throw away or out, discard, disown, jettison, eliminate, scrap, junk, scratch

Other Words for Rejection

Rejection Verb Synonyms: refusal, denial, repudiation, rebuff, dismissal, spurning, renunciation, turn-down, cold shoulder, brush-off or also brush, the (old) heave-ho

Other Words for Rejoice

Rejoice Verb Synonyms: delight, exult, glory, celebrate, revel, be happy or delighted or pleased or overjoyed or elated or glad, be tickled (pink)

Other Words for Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate Noun Synonyms: restore, refresh, reinvigorate, revitalize, revivify, renew, reanimate, regenerate, recharge, breathe new life into

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