Other Words for Relapse

Relapse Verb Synonyms: decline, deteriorate, weaken, degenerate, fail, fade, sink, sicken, worsen, get or become worse
Relapse Noun Synonyms: get back, backslide, fall back, lapse, slip back, regress, retrogress, recidivate, go back, return, retreat, revert

Other Words for Relate

Relate Verb Synonyms: associate, connect, couple, link, tie, ally, correlate, coordinate
Relate Noun Synonyms: recount, narrate, tell, report, present, describe, recite, detail, set forth, communicate, divulge, impart, reveal, delineate, make known, give an account of, rehearse

Other Words for Related

Related Verb Synonyms: associate(d), affiliate(d), connected, coupled, linked, tied up, allied, correlated, coordinate(d), interconnected, interrelated, interdependent, mutual, reciprocal, common, joint, cognate

Other Words for Relation

Relation Verb Synonyms: relationship, connection, affiliation, association, bearing, link, tie, tie-in, reference, pertinence, interconnection, interdependence, correspondence, kinship
Relation Adjective Synonyms: kinship, relationship

Other Words for Relations

Relations Noun Synonyms: sexual intercourse, coitus, sex, criminal conversation, carnal knowledge

Other Words for Relative

Relative Noun Synonyms: related, connected, associated, allied, affiliated, interconnected, interrelated, pertinent, relevant, germane, applicable, apropos

Other Words for Relative To

Relative To Noun Synonyms: comparative, comparable, proportionate, proportional, commensurate, analogous to, contingent on, dependent on, reliant on, conditioned by, subject to, attendant on, correspondent or corresponding to, provisional on, appurtenant to,

Other Words for Relatively

Relatively Noun Synonyms: more or less, somewhat, comparatively, rather, to some degree or extent

Other Words for Relax

Relax Adverb Synonyms: ease up, slow down, loosen up, put one's feet up, rest, unbend, take it easy, unwind
Relax Adjective Synonyms: loosen, let go, release, let up (on), relieve, ease, reduce, moderate, slacken, remit, ease up on, slacken up on

Other Words for Relaxation

Relaxation Verb Synonyms: ease, repose, rest, leisure, recreation, amusement, entertainment, fun, pleasure, diversion, R and R ('rest and relaxation')

Other Words for Relaxed

Relaxed Verb Synonyms: nonchalant, easygoing, calm, peaceful, tranquil, serene, pacific, carefree, insouciant, blase, languorous, languid, devil-may-care, free and easy, happy-go-lucky, mellow, at ease, composed, cool

Other Words for Release

Release Adjective Synonyms: freeing, releasing, liberating, loosing, unloosing, delivering, emancipating, manumitting, rescuing, saving, freedom, liberation, deliverance, discharge, emancipation, manumission, rescue, remission, salvation
Release Noun Synonyms: let go, (set) free, liberate, (set or let or turn) loose, unloose, untie, unchain, unfetter, unshackle, deliver, let out, disenthral, discharge, let off, emancipate, manumit, rescue, save
Release Verb Synonyms: press or publicity release, announcement, publicity, notice, story, report

Other Words for Relegate

Relegate Verb Synonyms: consign, banish, exile, transfer, dispatch or despatch
Relegate Noun Synonyms: downgrade, demote

Other Words for Relent

Relent Verb Synonyms: relax, soften, yield, give, give way or ground, bend, comply, acquiesce, compromise, capitulate, come round, be merciful, show pity or compassion, melt, show mercy, succumb

Other Words for Relentless

Relentless Verb Synonyms: unyielding, inexorable, unstoppable, unrelenting, dogged, implacable, inflexible, unbending, unmoving, unmoved, unrelieved, stiff, hard, stiff-necked, rigid, obstinate, adamant, obdurate, intransigent, determined, unswerving, undeviating, intractable, per

Other Words for Relevance

Relevance Verb Synonyms: relevancy, appropriateness, aptness, pertinence, bearing, connection, affinity, tie-in, relation, significance, suitability, suitableness, applicability, application, applicableness

Other Words for Relevant

Relevant Adjective Synonyms: pertinent, appropriate, apt, related, relative, significant, suited, applicable, fitting, proper, germane, akin, allied, associated, apposite, to the point

Other Words for Reliable

Reliable Adjective Synonyms: dependable, trustworthy, honest, trusty, trusted, principled, conscientious, punctilious, honourable, credible, believable, safe, sure, certain, secure, sound, responsible, predictable, stable, unfailing, infallible, reputable

Other Words for Reliance

Reliance Noun Synonyms: confidence, trust, faith, dependence

Other Words for Relic

Relic Adjective Synonyms: memento, keepsake, memorial, remembrance, souvenir, heirloom, token, artefact or artifact

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