Other Words for Relapse

Relapse Noun Synonyms: get back, backslide, fall back, lapse, slip back, regress, retrogress, recidivate, go back, return, retreat, revert
Relapse Verb Synonyms: decline, deteriorate, weaken, degenerate, fail, fade, sink, sicken, worsen, get or become worse

Other Words for Relate

Relate Verb Synonyms: associate, connect, couple, link, tie, ally, correlate, coordinate
Relate Noun Synonyms: recount, narrate, tell, report, present, describe, recite, detail, set forth, communicate, divulge, impart, reveal, delineate, make known, give an account of, rehearse

Other Words for Related

Related Verb Synonyms: associate(d), affiliate(d), connected, coupled, linked, tied up, allied, correlated, coordinate(d), interconnected, interrelated, interdependent, mutual, reciprocal, common, joint, cognate

Other Words for Relation

Relation Adjective Synonyms: kinship, relationship
Relation Verb Synonyms: relationship, connection, affiliation, association, bearing, link, tie, tie-in, reference, pertinence, interconnection, interdependence, correspondence, kinship

Other Words for Relations

Relations Noun Synonyms: sexual intercourse, coitus, sex, criminal conversation, carnal knowledge

Other Words for Relative

Relative Noun Synonyms: related, connected, associated, allied, affiliated, interconnected, interrelated, pertinent, relevant, germane, applicable, apropos

Other Words for Relative To

Relative To Noun Synonyms: comparative, comparable, proportionate, proportional, commensurate, analogous to, contingent on, dependent on, reliant on, conditioned by, subject to, attendant on, correspondent or corresponding to, provisional on, appurtenant to,

Other Words for Relatively

Relatively Noun Synonyms: more or less, somewhat, comparatively, rather, to some degree or extent

Other Words for Relax

Relax Adjective Synonyms: loosen, let go, release, let up (on), relieve, ease, reduce, moderate, slacken, remit, ease up on, slacken up on
Relax Adverb Synonyms: ease up, slow down, loosen up, put one's feet up, rest, unbend, take it easy, unwind

Other Words for Relaxation

Relaxation Verb Synonyms: ease, repose, rest, leisure, recreation, amusement, entertainment, fun, pleasure, diversion, R and R ('rest and relaxation')

Other Words for Relaxed

Relaxed Verb Synonyms: nonchalant, easygoing, calm, peaceful, tranquil, serene, pacific, carefree, insouciant, blase, languorous, languid, devil-may-care, free and easy, happy-go-lucky, mellow, at ease, composed, cool

Other Words for Release

Release Adjective Synonyms: freeing, releasing, liberating, loosing, unloosing, delivering, emancipating, manumitting, rescuing, saving, freedom, liberation, deliverance, discharge, emancipation, manumission, rescue, remission, salvation
Release Verb Synonyms: press or publicity release, announcement, publicity, notice, story, report
Release Noun Synonyms: let go, (set) free, liberate, (set or let or turn) loose, unloose, untie, unchain, unfetter, unshackle, deliver, let out, disenthral, discharge, let off, emancipate, manumit, rescue, save

Other Words for Relegate

Relegate Noun Synonyms: downgrade, demote
Relegate Verb Synonyms: consign, banish, exile, transfer, dispatch or despatch

Other Words for Relent

Relent Verb Synonyms: relax, soften, yield, give, give way or ground, bend, comply, acquiesce, compromise, capitulate, come round, be merciful, show pity or compassion, melt, show mercy, succumb

Other Words for Relentless

Relentless Verb Synonyms: unyielding, inexorable, unstoppable, unrelenting, dogged, implacable, inflexible, unbending, unmoving, unmoved, unrelieved, stiff, hard, stiff-necked, rigid, obstinate, adamant, obdurate, intransigent, determined, unswerving, undeviating, intractable, per

Other Words for Relevance

Relevance Verb Synonyms: relevancy, appropriateness, aptness, pertinence, bearing, connection, affinity, tie-in, relation, significance, suitability, suitableness, applicability, application, applicableness

Other Words for Relevant

Relevant Adjective Synonyms: pertinent, appropriate, apt, related, relative, significant, suited, applicable, fitting, proper, germane, akin, allied, associated, apposite, to the point

Other Words for Reliable

Reliable Adjective Synonyms: dependable, trustworthy, honest, trusty, trusted, principled, conscientious, punctilious, honourable, credible, believable, safe, sure, certain, secure, sound, responsible, predictable, stable, unfailing, infallible, reputable

Other Words for Reliance

Reliance Noun Synonyms: confidence, trust, faith, dependence

Other Words for Relic

Relic Adjective Synonyms: memento, keepsake, memorial, remembrance, souvenir, heirloom, token, artefact or artifact

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