Other Words for Relief

Relief Noun Synonyms: ease, easing, abatement, easement, deliverance, remedy, redress, alleviation, release, remission, assuagement, liberation, recess

Other Words for Relieve

Relieve Noun Synonyms: ease, lessen, reduce, diminish, abate, lift, raise, alleviate, mitigate, palliate, soften, soothe

Other Words for Religion

Religion Verb Synonyms: creed, belief, faith, doctrine, dogma

Other Words for Religious

Religious Verb Synonyms: devout, churchgoing, pious, God-fearing, holy, spiritual-minded

Other Words for Relinquish

Relinquish Noun Synonyms: yield, give up, cede, waive, leave, quit, abandon, drop, forsake, forswear, desert, abdicate, resign, renounce, let go, surrender, vacate, retire from
Relinquish Adjective Synonyms: let go, give up, release, unloose, loose, free

Other Words for Relish

Relish Adjective Synonyms: enjoyment, pleasure, delight, gusto, eagerness, avidity, anticipation, taste, appetite, zest, liking, appreciation, fondness, fancy, partiality, preference
Relish Verb Synonyms: enjoy, delight in, take pleasure in, fancy, be partial to, appreciate, savor, look forward to, anticipate

Other Words for Reluctance

Reluctance Verb Synonyms: unwillingness, disinclination, aversion, dislike, disrelish, hesitancy

Other Words for Reluctant

Reluctant Noun Synonyms: unwilling, disinclined, averse, hesitant, loath, unenthusiastic, indisposed, opposed, antagonistic, cautious, chary, wary, leery, circumspect, careful

Other Words for Rely On

Rely On Verb Synonyms: depend on or upon, lean on or upon, count on or upon, bank on or upon, have confidence in, bet on, trust in, swear by, be sure or certain of

Other Words for Remain

Remain Noun Synonyms: stay (behind), be left, tarry, linger, wait, stay put
Remain Adjective Synonyms: be left, be there

Other Words for Remainder

Remainder Verb Synonyms: rest, balance, remains, residue

Other Words for Remaining

Remaining Verb Synonyms: left (over), extant, outstanding

Other Words for Remains

Remains Verb Synonyms: leavings, remnants, crumbs, debris, detritus, remainder, balance, residue, leftovers, scraps, vestiges, traces, fragments, oddments, odds and ends

Other Words for Remark

Remark Adjective Synonyms: note, notice, observe, perceive, regard, look at, take notice or note of

Other Words for Remarkable

Remarkable Noun Synonyms: extraordinary, unusual, singular, exceptional, noteworthy, notable, uncommon, incredible, unbelievable, impressive, phenomenal, astonishing, astounding, surprising
Remarkable Adjective Synonyms: strange, different, odd, peculiar, curious

Other Words for Remedy

Remedy Adjective Synonyms: cure, treatment, therapy, antidote, counteractant, countermeasure, medication, medicament, medicine, prescription, drug, pharmaceutical, cure-all, panacea, nostrum, restorative, specific
Remedy Noun Synonyms: correct, rectify, reform, improve, ameliorate, redress, repair, put or set right, straighten out

Other Words for Remember

Remember Verb Synonyms: call to mind, bear in mind, recall, recollect

Other Words for Remembrance

Remembrance Verb Synonyms: memory, recollection, reminiscence

Other Words for Remind

Remind Noun Synonyms: prompt, cue, cause to remember, jog the memory, put in mind of

Other Words for Reminder

Reminder Noun Synonyms: mnemonic, refresher, cue, prompt

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