Other Words for Rendition

Rendition Verb Synonyms: performance, interpretation, execution, conception, concept, understanding, construction, reading, rendering

Other Words for Renegade

Renegade Verb Synonyms: deserter, turncoat, heretic, defector, traitor, apostate, renegado
Renegade Noun Synonyms: traitorous, treacherous, perfidious, treasonous, apostate, heretical, disloyal

Other Words for Renege

Renege Noun Synonyms: Cards revoke

Other Words for Renew

Renew Adjective Synonyms: restore, refresh, rejuvenate, revitalize, reinvigorate, resuscitate, revamp, redo, rehabilitate, transform, regenerate, refurbish, refurnish, renovate, refit, overhaul, recondition, modernize, redecorate, do over
Renew Verb Synonyms: resume, resurrect, restart, pick or take up again, recommence, return to, reopen

Other Words for Renounce

Renounce Verb Synonyms: give up, forswear, surrender, abandon, desert, abjure, reject, repudiate, spurn, swear off, abstain from, deny, forgo, forsake, eschew, disown, throw off or out, shun, avoid

Other Words for Renovate

Renovate Verb Synonyms: redecorate, modernize, do over, refurbish, refurnish, refit, remodel, recondition, rehabilitate, restore, repair, revamp, overhaul, patch up, do up, fix up

Other Words for Renown

Renown Verb Synonyms: fame, celebrity, glory, distinction, esteem, acclaim, reputation, prominence, eminence, note, mark, honor, prestige, repute, lustre, illustriousness, stardom

Other Words for Renowned

Renowned Verb Synonyms: famous, famed, celebrated, distinguished, acclaimed, prominent, eminent, well-known, noted, notable, honoured, illustrious

Other Words for Rent

Rent Noun Synonyms: rental, hire, lease, fee
Rent Adjective Synonyms: tear, rip, split, gash, slash, hole, slit
Rent Verb Synonyms: let (out), lease, hire (out), charter (out), farm out

Other Words for Repair

Repair Verb Synonyms: mend, patch (up), renew, put or set right, restore, fix (up), service, put (back) in or into working order, vamp, revamp, adjust
Repair Noun Synonyms: mend, patch, restoration, fixing (up), servicing, improvement, adjustment, renovation, revamping, renewal

Other Words for Repartee

Repartee Verb Synonyms: banter, badinage, persiflage, patter, (witty) conversation, wordplay, raillery, give and take, deipnosophism

Other Words for Repay

Repay Noun Synonyms: pay back, recompense, compensate, requite, reciprocate, return the favour or compliment, reward, square with, settle (up) with, refund, give back, return, reimburse, restore

Other Words for Repeal

Repeal Noun Synonyms: revoke, recall, rescind, reverse, cancel, annul, nullify, invalidate, void, set aside, abolish, abrogate, vacate

Other Words for Repeat

Repeat Verb Synonyms: reiterate, restate, echo, retell, recite, quote, rehearse, recount, recapitulate, recap

Other Words for Repeatedly

Repeatedly Noun Synonyms: again and again, over again, over and over, frequently, often, time and (time) again, time after time, recurrently, repetitively, repetitiously

Other Words for Repel

Repel Noun Synonyms: revolt, offend, disgust, sicken, nauseate, turn one's stomach, make one's skin crawl, give one the creeps, turn one off
Repel Verb Synonyms: repulse, drive back or away or off, reject, fend off, parry, ward off, hold off, rebuff, resist, withstand, keep at bay or arm's length

Other Words for Repellent

Repellent Adverb Synonyms: repulsive, repelling, revolting, disgusting, nauseating, nauseous, stomach-turning, sickening, offensive, loathsome, repugnant, distasteful, vomit-provoking, sick-making, disagreeable, obnoxious, off-putting

Other Words for Repent

Repent Verb Synonyms: regret, feel contrition, lament, bemoan, bewail, be sorry, rue, feel remorse, feel remorseful or penitent, show penitence

Other Words for Repentant

Repentant Verb Synonyms: regretful, contrite, rueful, remorseful, apologetic, sorry, ashamed, embarrassed, penitent

Other Words for Repercussions

Repercussions Adjective Synonyms: reaction, response, effect, outcome, consequence, reverberation, result, aftermath, after-effect, upshot, fallout, backlash, echo

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