Other Words for Repertory

Repertory Verb Synonyms: repertoire, store, reservoir, collection, hoard, cache, repository, stock, supply, inventory, stockpile

Other Words for Repetition

Repetition Noun Synonyms: reiteration, repeat, echo, echoing, repeating, duplication, duplicating, rehearsal, recapitulation, restatement, replication, rereading, retelling, relisting, recital, reprise, rerun, rerunning

Other Words for Repetitions

Repetitions Adjective Synonyms: reiteration(s), duplication(s), redundancy or redundancies, repeats, tautology or tautologies

Other Words for Repetitious

Repetitious Noun Synonyms: tiresome, tedious, boring, redundant, prolix, windy, long-winded, wordy, tautological, pleonastic

Other Words for Repetitive

Repetitive Noun Synonyms: iterative, repetitious, incessant, monotonous, repeated, redundant, humdrum, unceasing, ceaseless, relentless, unremitting, persistent, recurrent, non-stop, uninterrupted, continual, constant, continuous

Other Words for Replace

Replace Adjective Synonyms: succeed, supersede, substitute for, take over from, supplant
Replace Noun Synonyms: change, put in place of, substitute, supplant, renew

Other Words for Replenish

Replenish Verb Synonyms: refill, restock, restore, renew, replace, fill, top up, furnish, provide

Other Words for Replete

Replete Verb Synonyms: satisfied, sated, satiated

Other Words for Replete With

Replete With Verb Synonyms: full (of), filled up (with), overflowing (with), well supplied or well provided or well stocked (with), chock-full (of), crammed or jammed or jam-packed (with), brim-full (with), chock-a-block, bursting, teeming, loaded, overloaded

Other Words for Replica

Replica Verb Synonyms: copy, duplicate, facsimile, reproduction, likeness, imitation, carbon copy, photocopy, duplication, dupe, knock-off

Other Words for Reply

Reply Adjective Synonyms: answer, respond, rejoin, retort, return, come back, acknowledge

Other Words for Report

Report Verb Synonyms: relate, recount, describe, narrate, tell of, detail, give an account of, write up, document
Report Noun Synonyms: account, description, story, article, write-up, piece, statement, dispatch or despatch, communication, announcement, narrative, record, news, information

Other Words for Report On

Report On Verb Synonyms: investigate, cover, examine, explore, look into, inquire into, check into or on, check (up) on, research, study, probe, scrutinize, check out, suss out

Other Words for Reporter

Reporter Verb Synonyms: journalist, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newsman, newswoman, correspondent, columnist, newswriter, gentleman or lady of the press, gentleman or lady of the fourth estate, pressman, presswoman, newscaster, news-presenter, commentator, broadcaster, an

Other Words for Repose

Repose Verb Synonyms: rest, inactivity, calm, respite, tranquillity, quiet, restfulness, peace, relaxation
Repose Noun Synonyms: composure, calmness, calm, serenity, equanimity, poise, self-possession

Other Words for Represent

Represent Noun Synonyms: substitute for, stand (in) for, replace, act for
Represent Verb Synonyms: describe, delineate, reproduce, report, assert, state, put or set forth, show, reflect, mirror, characterize, define, note, outline, sketch, depict, picture, portray, draw, paint, pretend

Other Words for Represent Oneself

Represent Oneself Noun Synonyms: present (oneself), depict (oneself), put or set (oneself) forth, masquerade as, take (on) or assume the guise or role or part of, characterize as, impersonate, pretend to be, pose as, imitate, mimic

Other Words for Representation

Representation Verb Synonyms: reproduction, image, likeness, portrait, picture, depiction, portrayal, semblance, model, manifestation
Representation Noun Synonyms: replica, reproduction, figure, figurine, statue, statuette, bust, head, model, effigy

Other Words for Representative

Representative Adjective Synonyms: agent, (travelling) salesman or saleswoman, rep
Representative Noun Synonyms: symbolic, typical, characteristic, emblematic, archetypal, evocative, illustrative

Other Words for Repress

Repress Adjective Synonyms: suppress, put down, (keep in) check, curb, quash, stifle, overcome, squelch, (keep under) control, contain, restrain, constrain, limit, keep back, quell, hold back or in, subdue, inhibit, hamper, hinder, deter, frustrate, discourage, disallow

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