Other Words for Repression

Repression Noun Synonyms: restraint, suppression, subjugation

Other Words for Repressive

Repressive Verb Synonyms: tyrannical, oppressive, dictatorial, despotic, brutal, suppressive, authoritarian, totalitarian, Fascist(ic)

Other Words for Reprieve

Reprieve Noun Synonyms: respite, rescue, save, let off, spare

Other Words for Reprimand

Reprimand Verb Synonyms: scold, chide, reprove, rebuke, admonish, upbraid, castigate, reproach, berate, lecture, censure, criticize, find fault with, attack, flay (alive), reprehend, read (someone) the riot act, slap on the wrist, rap over the knuckles, take to task, bawl
Reprimand Adjective Synonyms: scolding, reproof, rebuke, admonition, upbraiding, castigation, reproach, lecture, censure, criticism, disapproval, remonstrance, remonstration, reprehension, tongue-lashing, dressing-down, talking-to, telling-off, ticking-off, rap over or on the k

Other Words for Reprisal

Reprisal Noun Synonyms: retaliation, revenge, retribution, redress, requital, vengeance, repayment, recompense, vindication, getting even, indemnity

Other Words for Reproachful

Reproachful Noun Synonyms: fault-finding, critical, censorious, disapproving, disparaging, upbraiding, reproving, scolding, admonitory, condemnatory, hypercritical

Other Words for Reprobate

Reprobate Noun Synonyms: scoundrel, blackguard, miscreant, rake, profligate, roue, villain, wastrel, wretch, degenerate, unprincipled person, villain, evil-doer, debauchee, libertine, good-for-nothing, ne'er-do-well, cur, rapscallion, scamp, knave, rascal, low-life, sca
Reprobate Verb Synonyms: unprincipled, immoral, amoral, abandoned, depraved, despicable, dissolute, low, low-life, base, mean, debased, damned, accursed, cursed, degenerate, profligate, shameful, shameless, vile, evil, wicked, villainous, sinful, irredeemable, foul, iniquitous, r

Other Words for Reproduce

Reproduce Adjective Synonyms: duplicate, copy, replicate, match, recreate, repeat, imitate, simulate

Other Words for Reproduction

Reproduction Noun Synonyms: duplication, copying, printing
Reproduction Verb Synonyms: duplicate, copy, print, clone, carbon (copy), facsimile, replica, look-alike, double, twin, imitation

Other Words for Repudiate

Repudiate Noun Synonyms: reject, scorn, turn down, renounce, retract, rescind, reverse, abandon, abrogate, forswear, forgo, deny, disown, discard

Other Words for Repugnant

Repugnant Noun Synonyms: repulsive, abhorrent, disgusting, off-putting, offensive, repellent, revolting, vile, abominable, loathsome, foul, distasteful, unpalatable, unsavoury, execrable, intolerable, obnoxious, noisome, nauseating, nauseous, sickening, unpleasant, objectionable

Other Words for Repulse

Repulse Verb Synonyms: refuse, spurn, snub, reject, rebuff, fend off, resist, turn down, give the cold shoulder to
Repulse Noun Synonyms: repel, rebuff, drive back, ward off, fight or beat off, check
Repulse Adjective Synonyms: rejection, rebuff, refusal, denial, snub, cold shoulder, spurning

Other Words for Repulsive

Repulsive Verb Synonyms: disgusting, revolting, abhorrent, loathsome, repugnant, repellent, offensive, obnoxious, objectionable, gross, unsavoury, distasteful, nasty, unpleasant, displeasing, disagreeable, ugly, off-putting, sickening, nauseating, nauseous, beastly, vile, dreadfu

Other Words for Reputable

Reputable Verb Synonyms: respectable, honourable, well-thought-of, estimable, respected, trustworthy, trusted, honest, reliable, dependable, principled, virtuous, good, worthy

Other Words for Reputation

Reputation Noun Synonyms: repute, name, standing, stature, position, status

Other Words for Reputed

Reputed Adjective Synonyms: alleged, purported, supposed, assumed, presumed, rumoured, said, deemed, held, regarded, viewed, looked on or upon, judged, considered, thought, believed

Other Words for Request

Request Noun Synonyms: ask for, seek, plead for, apply for, put in for, requisition, call for, demand, insist on, solicit, beg, entreat, beseech, importune

Other Words for Require

Require Adjective Synonyms: order, command, ask (for), call (for), press (for), instruct, coerce, force, insist, demand, make
Require Verb Synonyms: need, want, lack, be lacking, be missing, be short (of), desire

Other Words for Requirement

Requirement Verb Synonyms: need, want, demand
Requirement Noun Synonyms: requisite, prerequisite, demand, precondition, condition, qualification, stipulation, sine qua non, provision, proviso, demand, necessity, essential, desideratum, must

Other Words for Requisition

Requisition Verb Synonyms: request, order, demand, call, authorization, mandate, voucher
Requisition Noun Synonyms: request, order, demand, call, authorize, mandate

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