Other Words for Requital

Requital Noun Synonyms: repayment, return, recompense, redress, restitution, reparation, remuneration, quittance, amends, satisfaction, compensation, payment

Other Words for Requite

Requite Noun Synonyms: retaliate for, revenge, avenge, make restitution for, redress, pay back for, give tit for tat for, make amends for
Requite Verb Synonyms: repay, reward, reciprocate, recompense, compensate for, respond to

Other Words for Rescue

Rescue Verb Synonyms: deliverance, saving, freeing, liberating, release
Rescue Noun Synonyms: save, deliver, (set) free, liberate, let go (free), release, (let) loose

Other Words for Research

Research Verb Synonyms: investigation, investigating, exploration, delving, digging, enquiry or inquiry, fact-finding, scrutinization, scrutiny, examination, inspection, probing, analysis, experimentation

Other Words for Resemblance

Resemblance Noun Synonyms: likeness, similarity, correspondence, congruity, coincidence, conformity, accord, agreement, equivalence, comparableness, comparability, comparison

Other Words for Resemble

Resemble Noun Synonyms: look or sound or taste or seem or be like or similar to, bear (a) resemblance to, approximate, smack of, correspond to, have (all) the hallmarks or earmarks of, take after, favour

Other Words for Resent

Resent Verb Synonyms: feel embittered or bitter about, feel envious or jealous of, begrudge, have hard feelings about, be displeased or disgruntled at, be angry about

Other Words for Resentful

Resentful Noun Synonyms: embittered, bitter, acrimonious, spiteful, envious, jealous, begrudging, vindictive, indignant, displeased, disgruntled, dissatisfied, unsatisfied, unhappy, peeved, irritated, irked, annoyed, provoked, riled, angry, piqued, irate, furious, incensed, agita

Other Words for Resentment

Resentment Verb Synonyms: bitterness, acrimony, rancor, envy, jealousy, grudge, indignation, displeasure, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, irritation, annoyance, provocation, pique, anger, ire, fury, agitation, upset, anxiety, ill will, malice, antagonism, hostility, animosity, enmit

Other Words for Reservation

Reservation Noun Synonyms: booking, appointment, arrangement
Reservation Verb Synonyms: keeping or holding back, withholding, reticence, reluctance, hesitation, hesitancy, hedging
Reservation Adjective Synonyms: qualm, scruple, qualification, hesitancy, limitation, exception, objection, demur or demurral or demurrer, condition, proviso, provision

Other Words for Reserve

Reserve Verb Synonyms: reticence, (self-)restraint, (self-)control, taciturnity, aplomb, formality, coolness, aloofness, guardedness, standoffishness, remoteness, detachment
Reserve Noun Synonyms: keep or hold (back), withhold, save, set or put aside, conserve, preserve, retain, keep (to or for oneself), hold over, postpone, delay, put off, defer

Other Words for Reserved

Reserved Noun Synonyms: reticent, restrained, unresponsive, controlled, silent, taciturn, uncommunicative, unforthcoming, close-mouthed, unresponsive, undemonstrative, unemotional, poker-faced, cool, formal, aloof, guarded, standoffish, unsocial, antisocial, distant, remote, det

Other Words for Reserves

Reserves Verb Synonyms: auxiliary, alternate, substitute, reinforcements, backup, spare
Reserves Noun Synonyms: store, stock, stockpile, inventory, supply, nest egg, reservoir, fund, hoard, cache

Other Words for Residence

Residence Noun Synonyms: abode, home, domicile, dwelling, dwelling-place, place, house, habitation, (living) quarters
Residence Adjective Synonyms: mansion, villa, manor (house), stately home, estate, chƒteau, castle, palace, hall

Other Words for Resident

Resident Noun Synonyms: in residence, residing, living, staying, abiding, dwelling, remaining

Other Words for Residual

Residual Noun Synonyms: remaining, leftover, surplus, spare, extra, residuary

Other Words for Residue

Residue Adjective Synonyms: remainder, leftover, surplus, remains, rest, excess, dregs, residuum

Other Words for Resign

Resign Noun Synonyms: quit, leave, go, abdicate, give notice, retire, abandon, give up, forsake, hand over, yield up, renounce, relinquish, let go, release, vacate, surrender, deliver up, turn over

Other Words for Resign Oneself To

Resign Oneself To Adjective Synonyms: reconcile (oneself) (to), be or become resigned or reconciled (to), accommodate (oneself) (to), adjust (oneself) (to), adapt (oneself) (to), acclimatize or acclimate (oneself) (to), submit (oneself) (to)

Other Words for Resignation

Resignation Verb Synonyms: reconciliation, reconcilement, adjustment, adaptation, acclimatization or acclimation, submission, acceptance, compliance, capitulation, abandonment, acquiescence, passivity
Resignation Noun Synonyms: notice, abandonment, abdication, resigning, renunciation, forgoing, relinquishment

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