Other Words for Respects

Respects Noun Synonyms: regards, good or best wishes, greetings, compliments, salutations, archaic devoirs

Other Words for Respite

Respite Adjective Synonyms: interval, intermission, break, interruption, recess, breather, rest, holiday, vacation

Other Words for Respond

Respond Adverb Synonyms: answer, reply, come back, return, react, reciprocate, counter, rejoin, retort

Other Words for Response

Response Noun Synonyms: answer, reply, retort, rejoinder, reaction, effect, feedback, return, comeback

Other Words for Responsibility

Responsibility Verb Synonyms: charge, duty, onus, burden, trust, job, role, task
Responsibility Noun Synonyms: accountability, liability, chargeability, answerability, obligation

Other Words for Responsible

Responsible Noun Synonyms: accountable, answerable, liable, chargeable
Responsible Adjective Synonyms: guilty, to blame, at fault, culpable

Other Words for Responsive

Responsive Adjective Synonyms: alert, alive, (wide-)awake, reactive, communicative, sharp, keen, receptive, sensitive, open, sympathetic

Other Words for Rest

Rest Verb Synonyms: lie, remain, stay
Rest Noun Synonyms: (go to) sleep, doze, relax, take a rest, (take one's) repose, lie down, recline, go or take to one's bed, take one's ease, unwind, loll, languish, laze about, be idle, idle about, lounge, (take a) nap, put one's feet up, take it easy, snooze, count
Rest Adjective Synonyms: repose, sleep, nap, doze, siesta, slumber, lie-down, forty winks, zizz, snooze, shut-eye

Other Words for Restful

Restful Verb Synonyms: relaxing, soothing, comforting, tranquillizing, sedative, calming, sleep-inducing, hypnotic, soporific, somnolent

Other Words for Restitution

Restitution Verb Synonyms: restoration, return, re-establishment, reinstatement, recovery
Restitution Noun Synonyms: amends, compensation, redress, recompense, remuneration, reparation, requital, indemnification, indemnity

Other Words for Restless

Restless Adjective Synonyms: restive, uneasy, edgy, on edge, on tenterhooks, fidgety, nervous, skittish, excitable, highly-strung, high-strung, worked up, agitated, fretful, jumpy, apprehensive, itchy, jittery, uptight, antsy, hyper
Restless Noun Synonyms: renovation, refurbishment, rehabilitation, renewal, repair, rejuvenation, reconstruction, resurrection, reconversion, revival

Other Words for Restore

Restore Adjective Synonyms: revive, rejuvenate, re-establish, renew, bring back, give (someone) back, resuscitate, resurrect, rekindle, reinvigorate, refresh, stimulate, revitalize, strengthen
Restore Noun Synonyms: give or hand back, return, make restitution, bring back
Restore Verb Synonyms: replace, reinstate, put back, return, bring back

Other Words for Restrain

Restrain Verb Synonyms: (keep under or in) control, (keep or hold in) check, hold (back or in), curb, govern

Other Words for Restraint

Restraint Verb Synonyms: control, check, curb, rein, bridle, restriction, constraint, limit, limitation, curtailment,, ban, interdict or interdiction, proscription, delimitation, bound(s), embargo

Other Words for Restrict

Restrict Noun Synonyms: limit, confine, bound, circumscribe, delimit, mark off, demarcate, regulate, qualify, restrain, impede

Other Words for Restriction

Restriction Noun Synonyms: condition, provision, proviso, qualification, stipulation

Other Words for Result

Result Noun Synonyms: outcome, consequence, effect, end (result), fruit, conclusion, upshot, issue, development, sequel, follow-up, consequence, denouement or d‚nouement

Other Words for Result From

Result From Verb Synonyms: develop, emerge, follow, happen, occur, come (about), come to pass, arise, evolve, be produced

Other Words for Result In

Result In Noun Synonyms: end, conclude, culminate, terminate

Other Words for Resume

Resume Noun Synonyms: continue, carry on, take up again, pick up (where one left off)

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