Other Words for Resurgence

Resurgence Verb Synonyms: renaissance, renascence, rebirth, revival, reawakening, restoration, renewal, resumption, return, resurrection, regeneration, rejuvenation, new dawn, new birth

Other Words for Resurrect

Resurrect Verb Synonyms: revive, bring back, return, reawaken, restore (to life), reintroduce, renew, regenerate, rejuvenate, raise (from the dead), resuscitate, breathe new life into, reanimate, reincarnate

Other Words for Retain

Retain Noun Synonyms: engage, hire, employ, commission, take on
Retain Verb Synonyms: keep (possession of), hold (on to), save, preserve, hang on to

Other Words for Retaliate

Retaliate Verb Synonyms: repay, pay back (in kind), counter, strike back (at), take revenge (on), wreak vengeance (on), revenge oneself (on), avenge, reciprocate, settle a score (with), give a Roland for an Oliver, give tit for tat, take an eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth

Other Words for Retard

Retard Verb Synonyms: slow (down or up), hold up or back, set back, hinder, impede, delay, keep back, stall, thwart, balk, block, restrict, hold in check, frustrate, interfere with

Other Words for Reticent

Reticent Verb Synonyms: quiet, shy, timid, retiring, reserved, taciturn, silent, unresponsive, tight-lipped, unforthcoming

Other Words for Retinue

Retinue Verb Synonyms: entourage, escort, convoy, cortÅ ge, company, train, suite, followers, attendants, following, hangers-on, groupies

Other Words for Retire

Retire Adjective Synonyms: stop or give up work(ing), be pensioned off, (be) put out to grass or pasture, take the golden handshake, be given the gold watch, go on social security, go on a pension, be superannuated, go out of circulation
Retire Noun Synonyms: withdraw, rusticate, go off or away, take off, retreat, hibernate, aestivate or estivate, seclude or sequester or cloister oneself

Other Words for Retiring

Retiring Verb Synonyms: shy, bashful, coy, demure, modest, diffident, timid, unpretentious, unassuming, humble, self-effacing, timorous, meek, reticent, reserved, unsocial, unsociable, aloof, removed, standoffish, distant, reclusive, eremitic(al)

Other Words for Retort

Retort Verb Synonyms: response, reply, rejoinder, answer, riposte, rebuttal, comeback

Other Words for Retouch

Retouch Adjective Synonyms: touch up, correct, restore, repair, recondition, refresh, brush up, adjust, improve, finish, put the finishing touches on

Other Words for Retract

Retract Noun Synonyms: withdraw, pull or draw back
Retract Verb Synonyms: take back, withdraw, rescind, revoke, repeal, deny, disavow, recant, renounce, abjure, cancel, forswear, repudiate, disclaim, disown, reverse

Other Words for Retreat

Retreat Verb Synonyms: retirement, withdrawal, pulling or falling or drawing back, giving ground, evacuation, flight
Retreat Noun Synonyms: withdraw, decamp, run (away), turn tail, depart, give or lose ground, pull or fall or draw back, retire, evacuate, flee, take flight

Other Words for Retribution

Retribution Noun Synonyms: vengeance, revenge, reprisal, retaliation, requital, redress, quid pro quo, satisfaction, punishment, justice, just deserts, recompense, compensation

Other Words for Retrieve

Retrieve Noun Synonyms: make up, make amends for, recover, cover, redeem, repay, pay for, return, get back, regain, be repaid or reimbursed for
Retrieve Verb Synonyms: bring or get (back), fetch, come back with

Other Words for Retrospect

Retrospect Verb Synonyms: hindsight, reconsideration, review, remembering, afterthought, recollection, looking back

Other Words for Return

Return Noun Synonyms: replace, put back, restore, give back, bring or carry back
Return Adjective Synonyms: exchange, bring back or carry back
Return Verb Synonyms: come or go back, revert, turn back

Other Words for Returns

Returns Adjective Synonyms: yield, earnings, profit, gain, benefit, income, revenue, proceeds, interest, takings, results

Other Words for Revamp

Revamp Noun Synonyms: overhaul, redo, recondition, renovate, repair, fix, do up, refit, refurbish, restore, rehabilitate, fix up

Other Words for Reveal

Reveal Noun Synonyms: expose, display, divulge, disclose, show, make known, let on, let out, let it be known, let slip, communicate, give vent to, air, ventilate, leak (out)

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