Other Words for Revel

Revel Verb Synonyms: make merry, carouse, celebrate, cut loose, go on a spree, live it up, whoop it up, make whoopee, whoop it up, paint the town red, party, push the boat out, have a rave or rave-up

Other Words for Revel In

Revel In Noun Synonyms: (take) delight (in), take pleasure (in), rejoice (in), luxuriate (in), bask (in), wallow(in), lap up, crow (about or over), glory (in), savor, relish

Other Words for Revelation

Revelation Verb Synonyms: news, information, proclamation, publication, bulletin, announcement, pronouncement, declaration, statement, leak, admission, confession, discovery, unveiling, uncovering, exposure, disclosure, expos‚

Other Words for Revelry

Revelry Verb Synonyms: merrymaking, fun, revelling, carousal, carousing, gaiety, festivity, jollity, mirth, celebration, ball, high jinks or hijinks, spree, partying, rave or rave-up

Other Words for Revenge

Revenge Noun Synonyms: vengeance, retaliation, reprisal, retribution, vindictiveness, spitefulness, repayment, satisfaction

Other Words for Revenue

Revenue Noun Synonyms: (gross) income, proceeds, receipts, return(s), yield, interest, takings, net (income), gate, profits, gain, take

Other Words for Revere

Revere Verb Synonyms: adore, adulate, reverence, venerate, worship, idolize, enshrine, sanctify, beatify, glorify, esteem, admire, respect, honor

Other Words for Reverence

Reverence Verb Synonyms: honor, respect, esteem, admiration, glorification, beatification, sanctification, idolization, worship, veneration, adulation, adoration, homage, fealty, obeisance, deference, awe

Other Words for Reverie

Reverie Noun Synonyms: day-dream, fantasy, brown study, wool-gathering, absent-mindedness, meditation, thought

Other Words for Reversal

Reversal Noun Synonyms: annulment, nullification, nulling, cancellation, revocation, repeal, rescission
Reversal Verb Synonyms: reverse, turn-about, turn-round, U-turn, change, volte-face, (complete) switch, about-turn, about-face

Other Words for Reverse

Reverse Adjective Synonyms: alter, change, modify, renounce, recant, take back
Reverse Noun Synonyms: opposite, contrary, inverse, converse, inverted, upside down, mirror, reversed, backward
Reverse Verb Synonyms: back up, move or go backwards or also backward, backtrack, make sternway

Other Words for Revert

Revert Noun Synonyms: return, come or go back, take or pick up again, lapse, backslide, regress, relapse, retreat

Other Words for Review

Review Verb Synonyms: criticize, critique, assess, judge, evaluate, give one's opinion of, comment on or upon, discuss
Review Noun Synonyms: survey, examine, regard, look at, study, con, consider, weigh, inspect, look over, scrutinize

Other Words for Revise

Revise Noun Synonyms: edit, emend, improve, correct, rectify, modify, revamp, redact, rework, overhaul, update, rewrite

Other Words for Revision

Revision Noun Synonyms: editing, revising, emendation, improvement, correction, rectification, modification, revamping, reappraisal, re-examination, reinterpretation, reassessment, redaction, reworking, overhaul, overhauling, updating, update, rewrite, edition, version, renditio

Other Words for Revival

Revival Verb Synonyms: resurrection, resuscitation, renewal, restoration, revitalization, resurfacing, return, returning

Other Words for Revive

Revive Noun Synonyms: reawaken, stir up again, renew, resume, reopen, refresh
Revive Verb Synonyms: (re)awaken, wake (up), come or bring (a)round, waken, resuscitate, recover, (re)gain consciousness

Other Words for Revoke

Revoke Verb Synonyms: cancel, deny, invalidate, annul, declare null and void, void, nullify, negate, repudiate, renounce, rescind, repeal, recall, recant, quash, veto, set aside, abrogate, abolish, withdraw, take back, retract

Other Words for Revolt

Revolt Verb Synonyms: rebellion, revolution, uprising, mutiny, insurrection, coup d'‚tat, putsch, take-over

Other Words for Revolting

Revolting Noun Synonyms: disgusting, sickening, nauseating, nauseous, stomach-turning, stomach-churning, vomit-provoking, sick-making, foul, loathsome, abhorrent, horrid, horrible, nasty, vile, obnoxious, repulsive, appalling, abominable, repellent, offensive, objectionable, off-

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