Other Words for Revolution

Revolution Verb Synonyms: mutiny, revolt, rebellion, coup (d'‚tat), uprising, insurgency, insurrection, putsch, take-over, overthrow
Revolution Adjective Synonyms: rotation, turn, orbit, circuit, spin, lap, round, cycle, circle, gyration, wheel, whirl, pirouette

Other Words for Revolutionary

Revolutionary Noun Synonyms: mutinous, rebellious, insurgent, insurrectionist, insurrectionary, radical, rebel, seditious, subversive

Other Words for Revolve

Revolve Noun Synonyms: turn over (in one's mind), ponder, weigh, consider, meditate upon or on, think about, reflect upon or on, ruminate over or on, chew over, contemplate
Revolve Adjective Synonyms: spin, turn, pivot, rotate, gyrate, whirl, twirl, reel, wheel, go (a)round, circle, cycle, orbit, swivel

Other Words for Revolver

Revolver Verb Synonyms: pistol, gun, side-arm, firearm, handgun, six-gun, six-shooter, rod, gat, roscoe, piece, Saturday-night special, shooting-iron

Other Words for Revulsion

Revulsion Verb Synonyms: loathing, detestation, disgust, repugnance, abomination, abhorrence, aversion, hatred, antipathy, odium, execration

Other Words for Reward

Reward Verb Synonyms: award, favor, recompense, compensation, return, payment, pay, requital
Reward Noun Synonyms: prize, award, tribute, honor, guerdon

Other Words for Rewarding

Rewarding Noun Synonyms: satisfying, gratifying, worthwhile, enriching, enriched, fruitful, worthwhile, profitable, advantageous, productive, gainful

Other Words for Reword

Reword Noun Synonyms: paraphrase, rephrase, put into different words, put another way, express differently, revise, recast, rewrite

Other Words for Rhapsodic

Rhapsodic Verb Synonyms: rhapsodical, ecstatic, enthusiastic, elated, overjoyed, effusive, rapturous, thrilled, blissful, transported, orgasmic, intoxicated, euphoric, walking on air, delighted, intoxicated, happy as a sandboy, happy as a pig in clover, (sitting) on top of the wo

Other Words for Rhetoric

Rhetoric Adjective Synonyms: eloquence, expressiveness, elocution, way with words, gift of the gab
Rhetoric Verb Synonyms: bombast, bluster, fustian, rodomontade, grandiloquence, magniloquence, oratory, windiness, high-flown poppycock, wordiness, sesquipedality, verbosity, prolixity, long-windedness, turgidity, flatulence, gasconade, hot air, puffery

Other Words for Rhetorical

Rhetorical Adjective Synonyms: stylistic, linguistic, poetic, expressive, oratorical
Rhetorical Noun Synonyms: artificial, contrived, for effect, unanswerable, not literal

Other Words for Rhyme

Rhyme Adjective Synonyms: rime, poem, poetry, verse, versification, metrical composition, song

Other Words for Rhyme Or Reason

Rhyme Or Reason Adjective Synonyms: (common) sense, logic, intelligence, meaning, wisdom, rationality, rationale, soundness, organization, structure

Other Words for Rhythm

Rhythm Adjective Synonyms: tempo, beat, cadence or cadency, throb, throbbing, accent, accentuation, time, timing, stress or rhythmic(al) pattern, measure, metre, pulse, lilt, downbeat, thesis, upbeat, arsis

Other Words for Rhythmic

Rhythmic Noun Synonyms: rhythmical, measured, cadenced, throbbing, pulsing, pulsating, regular, steady, beating

Other Words for Ribaldry

Ribaldry Noun Synonyms: vulgarity, immodesty, indelicacy, indecency, coarseness, bawdiness, earthiness, wantonness, raciness, naughtiness, shamelessness, lustfulness, rakishness, rascality, dissoluteness, lubricity, lasciviousness, looseness, scurrility or scurrilousness, lewdne

Other Words for Rich

Rich Noun Synonyms: wealthy, affluent, prosperous, well-to-do, well off, well provided for, opulent, moneyed, in clover, on velvet, flush, loaded, on Easy Street, rolling in it or money or wealth, in the chips or the dough or the money, well-heeled, well-fixed
Rich Adjective Synonyms: costly, expensive, dear, valuable, invaluable, precious, priceless, lavish, sumptuous, lush, luxurious, palatial, elaborate, splendid, exquisite, superb, elegant

Other Words for Rich In

Rich In Adjective Synonyms: abundant (in), overflowing (with), fertile (in), fecund (in), productive (of), copious (in), abounding in, well supplied (with), well stocked (with), rife (with), replete (with), profuse (in or with)

Other Words for Riches

Riches Adjective Synonyms: wealth, affluence, opulence, plenty, prosperity, abundance, fortune, means, resources, lucre, pelf

Other Words for Richly

Richly Adjective Synonyms: sumptuously, lavishly, luxuriously, splendidly, elaborately, exquisitely, elegantly, superbly

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