Other Words for Rickety

Rickety Noun Plural Synonyms: wobbly, unsteady, broken-down, decrepit, shaky, tottering, teetering, ramshackle, flimsy, frail, precarious, dilapidated, in disrepair, tumbledown, unsecure

Other Words for Rid Of

Rid Of Adverb Synonyms: deliver from, relieve of, free from or of, rescue, save

Other Words for Riddle

Riddle Adjective Synonyms: conundrum, puzzle, enigma, poser, question, mystery, problem, brain-teaser or brain-twister
Riddle Noun Synonyms: sieve, colander or cullender, strainer, grating, screen, sifter, filter
Riddle Verb Synonyms: perforate, pepper, puncture, pierce, honeycomb

Other Words for Ride

Ride Verb Synonyms: sit on or in, travel or journey or go or proceed on or in, be borne or carried or conveyed (on or in), take, propel or control or drive (a horse or a bicycle or a motor cycle)
Ride Noun Synonyms: drive, journey, trip, excursion, tour, jaunt, outing, expedition, spin

Other Words for Ridge

Ridge Verb Synonyms: crest, line, strip, top edge, arˆte

Other Words for Ridicule

Ridicule Noun Synonyms: derision, deriding, jeer, jeering, taunt, taunting, mockery, mocking, gibe or jibe, gibing or jibing, raillery, ribbing, razzing, joshing
Ridicule Verb Synonyms: deride, jeer at, taunt, tease, mock, gibe or jibe, guy, chaff, laugh at, caricature, poke fun at, make fun or sport of, lampoon, burlesque, travesty, parody, make a laughing-stock (of), rib, roast, send up, take the mickey out of, Canad

Other Words for Ridiculous

Ridiculous Noun Synonyms: absurd, laughable, preposterous, weird, comical, funny, humorous, ludicrous, farcical, droll, amusing, mirthful, hilarious, side-splitting, risible, silly, inane, nonsensical, foolish, stupid, outlandish, bizarre, grotesque, queer, crazy, insane, zany, wi

Other Words for Riff-Raff

Riff-Raff Noun Synonyms: rabble, hoi polloi, ragtag and bobtail, scum, canaille, masses, dregs (of society), great unwashed

Other Words for Rifle

Rifle Adjective Synonyms: search, ransack, go through, rummage through
Rifle Verb Synonyms: rob, loot, ransack, plunder, despoil, burgle, pillage, burglarize

Other Words for Rift

Rift Verb Synonyms: tear, rent, opening, hole, crack, chink, crevice, cleavage, fracture, flaw, fault
Rift Noun Synonyms: separation, break, split, schism, cleft, gulf, gap, disagreement, conflict, disruption, difference, breach, break-up, division, distance, alienation

Other Words for Rig

Rig Noun Synonyms: falsify, manipulate, doctor, juggle, fix, tamper with, fake, fiddle (with), cook

Other Words for Rig Out

Rig Out Verb Synonyms: fit (out or up), equip, set up, outfit, supply, provision, accoutre or also accouter, caparison, set up, kit out

Other Words for Right

Right Adverb Synonyms: well, satisfactorily, advantageously, profitably, favourably, opportunely
Right Adjective Synonyms: rightist, right-wing, conservative, reactionary, Tory
Right Noun Synonyms: sound, sane, normal, rational, lucid, healthy
Right Verb Synonyms: just, moral, good, proper, correct, legal, lawful, licit, honest, upright, righteous, virtuous, ethical, fair, true, honourable, right-minded, principled, open, above-board

Other Words for Righteous

Righteous Verb Synonyms: moral, just, virtuous, upstanding, upright, good, honest, ethical, honourable, fair, reputable, trustworthy

Other Words for Rightful

Rightful Verb Synonyms: legal, lawful, legitimate, licit, de jure, correct, proper, bona fide, valid, true, authorized, right
Rightful Adjective Synonyms: just, fair, equitable, right

Other Words for Rigid

Rigid Adjective Synonyms: stiff, unbending, unbendable, firm, hard, strong

Other Words for Rigmarole

Rigmarole Adjective Synonyms: rigamarole, motions, complication(s), formalities, red tape, bureaucracy, punctilio, ceremoniousness, ceremony, ritual, procedure, mess, mumbo-jumbo, gobbledegook or gobbledygook, bunkum or buncombe, bother, balderdash, rubbish, nonsense, foolishness, Col

Other Words for Rigor

Rigor Adjective Synonyms: strictness, rigidity, precision, preciseness, punctilio, literalness, exactness, meticulousness, stringency, inflexibility, rigorism, harshness, severity, hardship, asperity, austerity, sternness

Other Words for Rigors

Rigors Adjective Synonyms: severity, harshness, hardship, inhospitableness, bleakness, inclemency or inclementness, bitterness, cold

Other Words for Rim

Rim Noun Synonyms: edge, brim, lip, border, periphery, perimeter

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