Other Words for Ritual

Ritual Adjective Synonyms: ceremonial, ceremonious, sacramental
Ritual Noun Synonyms: formality, routine, custom, practice, convention, protocol

Other Words for Rival

Rival Adjective Synonyms: competitor, opponent, contender, challenger, antagonist, adversary, opposition

Other Words for Rivalry

Rivalry Noun Synonyms: competition, competitiveness, contention, vying, dispute, feud, feuding, conflict, struggle, strife, controversy, dissension, discord, difference(s)

Other Words for River

River Noun Synonyms: watercourse, branch, tributary, stream, waterway, estuary, rivulet, creek, brook, streamlet, runnel, rill, burn, beck, kill
River Verb Synonyms: stream, flood, torrent, quantity, cataract, flow, cascade

Other Words for Riveting

Riveting Noun Synonyms: spellbinding, engrossing, hypnotic, hypnotizing, transfixing, fascinating, enthralling, gripping, captivating, absorbing

Other Words for Road

Road Noun Synonyms: way, means, approach, route, procedure, technique, method, passage, street, avenue, course, track, entr‚e, access, direction

Other Words for Roam

Roam Adjective Synonyms: wander, rove, ramble, range, walk, drift, dally, dawdle, cruise, stroll, amble, meander, saunter, stray, prowl, perambulate, travel, voyage, peregrinate, circumambulate, traipse, gallivant, jaunt, mosey, swan

Other Words for Roar

Roar Verb Synonyms: astound, astonish, shock, surprise, jar, stagger, amaze, stun, dumbfound or dumfound, daze, stupefy, overwhelm, disconcert, unnerve, set (someone) back on his or her or their heels, throw, rattle, shake up
Roar Noun Synonyms: bellow, thunder, howl, bawl, squall, cry, yell, yowl, bay, snarl, growl

Other Words for Rob

Rob Verb Synonyms: burgle, loot, rifle, ransack, plunder, depredate, raid, hijack, pillage, sack, burglarize, hold up, stick up, rip off
Rob Noun Synonyms: prey upon or on, hold up, mug, stick up, rip off, roll

Other Words for Robber

Robber Verb Synonyms: thief, pickpocket, shoplifter, burglar, bandit, housebreaker, sneak-thief, cat burglar, safe-breaker, highwayman, gentleman of the road, brigand, pirate, freebooter, buccaneer, privateer, corsair, mugger, hold-up man, cracksman, rip-off artis

Other Words for Robbery

Robbery Verb Synonyms: robbing, theft, thievery, thieving, burglary, burgling, pilfering, pilferage, stealing, plundering, plunder, looting, sack, sacking, ransacking, depredation, pillage, pillaging, hijacking, hijack, larceny, breaking and entering, pinching, hold-up,

Other Words for Robe

Robe Verb Synonyms: cloak, dress, garment, vestment, habit, frock, cassock, caftan, muu-muu, surplice, bathrobe, dressing-gown, lounging robe, housecoat, kimono, house-dress, peignoir, wrapper, French robe de chambre, costume
Robe Noun Synonyms: cloak, garb, dress, cover, enrobe, clothe

Other Words for Robes

Robes Noun Synonyms: costume, habit, uniform, garb, attire, vestments, apparel, raiment, livery, clothing, garments, outfit, accoutrements or also accouterments, regalia, finery, trappings, panoply, gear, paraphernalia, appurtenances, equipage, rig, vesture

Other Words for Robot

Robot Noun Synonyms: automaton, mechanical man or monster, android

Other Words for Robust

Robust Noun Synonyms: pungent, strong, flavourful, sapid, rich, full-bodied, nutty, fruity
Robust Verb Synonyms: healthy, fit, sound, hale (and hearty), sturdy, hardy, hearty, strong, stout, tough, able-bodied, strapping, brawny, sinewy, rugged, muscular, powerful, well-knit, athletic, staunch, vigorous, in fine or good fettle, husky

Other Words for Rock

Rock Adjective Synonyms: crag, tor, escarpment, scarp, outcrop, outcropping
Rock Noun Synonyms: stone, boulder

Other Words for Rocket

Rocket Verb Synonyms: zoom, take off, sky-rocket, shoot up, climb, rise rapidly, soar, spiral upwards, go through the roof

Other Words for Rocky

Rocky Adjective Synonyms: unstable, tottering, teetering, unsteady, shaky, rickety, unsure, uncertain, unreliable, weak, flimsy, wobbly, wobbling, vacillating, dubious, doubtful, questionable, iffy
Rocky Verb Synonyms: stony, pebbly, shingly, boulder-strewn, craggy, bumpy, difficult, hard, uncomfortable, arduous

Other Words for Rod

Rod Adjective Synonyms: bar, pole, baton, wand, staff, stick, dowel, cane, shaft

Other Words for Rogue

Rogue Adjective Synonyms: trickster, swindler, cheat, cad, ne'er-do-well, wastrel, good-for-nothing, miscreant, Rather scamp, scoundrel, blackguard, knave, rascal, rapscallion, scapegrace, dastard, cur, churl, wretch, villain, charlatan, mountebank, bounder, Col
Rogue Noun Synonyms: independent, undisciplined, uncontrollable, ungovernable, unmanageable, unpredictable, disobedient, incorrigible, fractious, self-willed, unruly, intractable, unrestrained, wild, lawless, strong-willed, headstrong, refractory, contumacious, recalcitrant,

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